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The Misty Forest is a huge forest at the western side of Neverwinter City and possesses a considerable value for reclamation.[1]

The forest was the main source of ressources for Border Town inhabitants. Both Bird Beak Mushrooms and honey could be gathered in the Misty Forest.[2] They could obtain meat and fur from wild animals such as boars and snow wolves.[3] Further ahead of the Misty Forest a vast field of anthracite with excellent quality was discovered by Lightning and Maggie.[4]

The timber from Misty Forest was of excellent quality and was also used to manufacture the columns and pavement of Bordertown's jetty.[5]

Roland called the Misty Forest a great treasure trove which had not been fully utilized yet.[6]

The stone tower where Agatha was discovered was in the Misty Forest until it was devoured by a Giant Worm.[7]

To fight the demons Roland ordered the construction of a railway that pass through the Misty Forest and led to Taquila.

Several bases of Neverwinter Exploration Group are built in the Misty Forest.[8]


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