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This page includes information about all media forms of Release that Witch, such as the Web Novel and Manhua.

Web Novel[]

The Web Novel was written by Er Mu, with the first chapter having come out on March 30, 2016. With the last chapter having been released on June 4, 2019, the Web Novel has been completed with a total of 1498 chapters.

The English translation of the web novel has also been completed.

  • The original Web Novel, which is in Chinese, can be found here
  • The official English translation can be found here

Other languages:[]



A Manhua adaptation of the original Web Novel series, written by Er Mu and illustrated by Dr Woodman. The original Manhua is updated semi-weekly: On Thursday and Sunday of each week.

  • The original Manhua adaptation, which is in Chinese, can be found here and here
  • The official English translation of the Manhua adaptation can be found here


With a new trailer, the anime adaptation to the series has been announced once more.