Mayne was the Pope of Church and one of three archbishops before previous Pope O'Brien passed away.

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As an archbishop, he wore a golden robe.

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During the assault of demonic hybrids, Mayne stood atop of Cathedral and observed the entire battle together with archibishops Tayfun and Heather. As they expected, Four Kingdoms' forces were destroyed leaving their borders weakened. However, to acquire this they had to sacrifice many of Judgement Army as well. Mayne bitterly said if there was other plan as fast as this he wouldn't send warriors to hell. When two archbishops left after short clash he mused about god preferring winners.[1]

After the overthrow of the Queen of Everwinter Mayne, Heather and Tayfun discussed situation in Kingdoms of Everwinter and Graycastle. Roland's conquer of Longsong Stronghold and return to Border Town piqued his interest. When Heather delivered rumors about Witch Cooperation Association recruiting new witches, they discussed whether it was related to Roland or it was coincidence. Mayne swore to lead God's Punishment Army in case it was the former.[2]

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