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This page shows a list of places named in the chapters of the Webnovel. Some of those places might have been only mentioned in passing or described in detail. Many of these are based upon former translations and may contain inconsistencies in translations of proper nouns in comparison to the Qidian International version. In order to see the maps below in full check here. May contain spoilers.

Known World (Begining)

Known World (Revised 1)

Known World (Revised 2)

Entire World

Kingdom of Graycastle[]

Western Region[]

Northern Region[]

Eastern Region[]

Southern Region[]

Central Region[]

  • City of Dawn: Graycastle's former capital and traditional seat of royal power.
  • Silver City: Tilly Wimbledon 's start city, birthplace of Nightingale.
  • Redwater City: East of Willow Town, along Redwater River, in the center of the kingdom.
  • Hidden Valley Town: East of Redwater City, along Redwater River. 
  • Impassable Castle: city between the Northern Territories and Western Territories.

Southernmost Region[]

  • Silver Stream: River, mostly underground. Saltwater source that is naturally desalinated.
  • Ironsand City:
  • Land of Fire:
  • Blackwater Valley:
  • Endless Cape: Former land of exile.
    • Choke Swamp:
    • Rotten Wasteland:
    • Festivity: Town established by Roland Wimbledon.
    • Festive Harbor:

Kingdom of Dawn[]

  • City of Glow: The Kingdom of Dawn's capital.
  • Northshire:
  • Bloom:
  • Cage Mountain: Natural defence against the Kingdom it borders and the site of uranium temple.
  • Thorn Town: Town on the foot of the Cage Mountain which eventually houses the Headquarters of the Cage Mountain Offensive and a training facility for the Aerial Knights.

Kingdom of Wolfheart[]

Kingdom of Everwinter[]

  • Freezing Wind Mountain Range
  • Frost Town
  • Snow Reflection Castle

Impassable Mountain Range[]

  • Hermes Plateau
    • Hermes: New Holy City.
    • Old Holy City: Established by the witches of Starfall City.

Fjords Islands[]

  • Shallow Water Island: Discovered by Thunder
    • Shallow Water Town
  • Sunset Island 
    • Sunset Port: Mentioned in passing. 
  • Crescent Moon Bay: Second-largest island in the Fjords
  • Twin Dragon Island: Discovered by Thunder and since colonized.
  • Sleeping Island: Site of witch colony. ~300 witches gathered there under Tilly.
  • Searing Flame Island: Far east. Uninhabitable.
  • Shadow Island
  • Shadow Sea: Area with tall rock pillars that appear in low tide, and the "Ghost Red River" phenomenon. Contains some kind of spatial anomaly.
  • Sealine: Wall of water discovered by Thunder, northeast of Shadow Island(s).
  • Snowwave Island: In the "Swirling Sea", close to Dark Reef Area. 
  • Dark Reef Area: Location where Joan was found.

Other lands[]

Fertile Plains:[]

  • Taquila: Former witch city led by Natalia. Closer to the south end of the plain.
  • Arrieta: Former witch city led by Eleanor . Closer to the north end of the plain.
  • Starfall City : Former witch city led by Alice. Closer to the north end of the plain.
  • Great Snow Mountain
    • Devil's Town: small temporary town built by demons on their initial expanse onto the Four Kingdoms.

Misty Forest []

  • Stone Tower


  • Zenith Sea: Home of the Mother of the Nest, central hivemind of the Deep Sea Demons.
  • Bottomless Land: enormous hole located in an island at the north of the Land of Dawn which connects to the Realm of Mind.