List of places named and chapters where they are first mentioned or otherwise described in detail. May contain spoilers.

Many of these are based upon former translations and contain inconsistencies in translations of proper nouns even prior to the Qidian International version. In cases of confusion, readers can search for chapters on google as with "misty+forest" this QI query or "concealing+forest" this Volare query.

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Kingdom of GraycastleEdit

Western RegionEdit

  • City of Neverwinter: City established by Roland in the Western Region, encompassing smaller areas under his control.
    • Border Town: Roland Wimbledon 's start town.
    • Northern Slope Mine: near Border Town.
    • Longsong Stronghold: traditional western border. On both the east and west sides of the Redwater River which bisects it.
    • Shallow Beach: ocean dockyard established after cutting directly through the mountains.
    • Third Border City: underground fortress area for Taquila witches
  • Willow Town: East of Longsong Stronghold, along Redwater River. 

Northern RegionEdit

Eastern RegionEdit

Southern RegionEdit

Central RegionEdit

Southernmost RegionEdit

Kingdom of DawnEdit

  • City of Glow: The Kingdom of Dawn's capital.
  • Northshire
  • Bloom
  • Cage Mountain: Site of uranium temple.

Kingdom of WolfheartEdit

Kingdom of Everwinter Edit

Impassable Mountain RangeEdit

Fjords IslandsEdit

Other landsEdit

Fertile Plains:Edit

  • Taquila: Former witch city led by Natalia. Closer to the south end of the plain.
  • Arrieta: Former witch city led by Eleanor . Closer to the north end of the plain.
  • Starfall City  : Former witch city led by Alice. Closer to the north end of the plain.

Misty Forest Edit


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