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Malt was a member of the First Army. He helped defend Graycastle from the Church. He was killed in the second battle by a member of the God's Punishment Army.



Malt was new to the army and looked up to his senior partner Danny. He believed strongly in the rules of the army and refused to leave Danny's side despite Danny's orders because as his protector, Malt could not leave his side.

Background and History[]

Malt was a refugee from the civil war in Graycastle and immigrated to Neverwinter at some point.


Malt acted as a protector for the sniper Danny during the first battle with the Church. In order to get a better shot, Danny disobeyed orders and moved to a new location and ordered Malt to remain where he was. Malt did not listen to him because as his protector, he was not allowed to leave Danny's side. Near the end of the battle, Malt was hit by a spear from a God's Punishment Warrior and lost an arm. He was carried away to be treated by Nana.

During the second battle against the Church, Malt joined Danny in the trenches after the latter had his gun confiscated for disobeying orders. When a God's Punishment Warrior lunged at them, Malt was cut in half and died in Danny's arms.

From there when Danny appears fighting, he often talks to an imaginary Malt as if he is still there with him.


Roland Wimbledon - Like the rest of the First Army, Malt showed great loyalty to Roland and reverence to the guns he developed.

Nana Pine - Malt admits to having a crush on Nana although Danny points out this is true for most of the members of the First Army.

Danny - Malt respects Danny as a senior soldier and is willing to risk his life to protect Danny.


  • Malt only makes a brief appearance in the manhua, with almost no dialogue.[1]


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