Maggie is a witch and a member of the Witch Union. She was formerly a member of Sleeping Island.

Appearance Edit

In human form, she is a small girl with long white hair reaching her ankles.

Personality Edit

Despite being an adult, Maggie often behaves childish like Lightning, seeing missions as child's play. She also shows traits commonly seen in the birds she transforms into.

Background Edit

She used to live in the slums of King's City like a real bird, in order to prevent herself from being caught by the church. By squeezing herself into the narrow beams of the roof to pass each night, some time later Ashes and Tilly found and accepted her.[1]

Chronology Edit

Maggie was sent to check up on Ashes, who had gone to the Western Region of the Kingdom of Graycastle.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Her ability belongs to the summoning type. All her birds and demonic beast forms are one third larger than the original. She can't take a form of flying creatures she has never seen, like drawn mythical monsters such as the griffin and the Phoenix.

Awakening Edit

Neognathae Therianthropy: Maggie is able to transform into any bird she has seen. She gets abilities of the bird species she transformed into, for example the sense of direction of a pigeon. She requires large amount of magic power to transform, limiting the number of her shapeshifts to four a day, but does not need it for staying in bird form.

Evolution Edit

Demonic Bird Therianthropy: After seeing a demonic beast, she is able to transform into it and carry up to two people. Her magic power increased as well.

Maggie's luck Edit

Although it's not an actual ability, throughout the web novel Maggie was implied to have an unusual amount of luck. It was constantly emphasized that any person who hurt her afterwards was pursued by a series of failures, also Evelyn's evolution occurred when she saw how Meggie's luck faked the exam results.

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Trivia Edit

  • Among witches from Witch Union, she was the fourth to evolve her ability.
  • Upon meeting Lightning for the first time, they became explorers together and provide food for the witch union everyday by capturing prey. The relationship is unique, because only the two of them can fly fast using their magic.

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References Edit

  1. Chapter 166
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