Lucia White is a witch who migrated to Border Town with her younger sister, after the destruction of their home. She is a member of the Witch Union.

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Lucia White is a loving sister.

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Daughter of a minor noble living in Valencia. Survived a slaughter together with her sister Ring (often called Bell), came with refugees to Border Town.

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Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

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Before her magic power cohered, it looks like a drifting cloud of grey smog.[1]

Awakening Edit

Elements Separation: She can disintegrate components into their nature elements. This is done by placing her hands on top of an object and upon summoning her ability, it will shrink, deformed and ultimately separated into it's unique substances.[2]

If she were to continue to use her ability on the same object, then it would become smaller and smaller. The final product would be either powder or just fine granules.[3]

Adulthood Edit

At her "adulthood" her magic power had substantial increase and evolved as well.[4] She had also attained her branch ability. She is also able to truly feel and manipulate her magic power, as if it had become her own fingers and even an extension of her consciousness.[5]

Branch Ability Edit

Scanner Vision: She can see all of the elements in an object as tiny cyan squares.[5]

Evolution Edit

Ability Focus: Thanks to her branch ability, she can focus and transform her magic power into a filament to pull the cyan squares from an object. By doing so, she can separate some elements from an object and reorganize the rest of the elements, instead of breaking them up.[5]

Weaknesses Edit

Her ability can't be used on living or dead things.[3] Roland believes that this is because she doesn't understand organic compounds or the makeup of living things.[1]

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Ring White Edit

Lucia saves her sister from the epidemic disease by taking care of her until treatment from Lily in Bordertown. Lives with her together in a room in the castle.

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Anna Edit

Anna is the kind of witch Lucia aspires to become. She constantly calls her 'Lady', despite Anna's attempts to dissuade her.

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Lucia & Ring White

Lucia & Ring White

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