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Lotus is one of Tilly Wimbledon's witches. She was sent to Border Town as one of the first 5 witches to be sent there by Tilly.


Her age is similar to Nightingale’s, she had short voluminous black hair, and a “pretty daughter from a humble family” type of face. Her overall appearance looked quite lovely. With a small size of around one meter fifty and a skinny body, when comparing to the tall Nightingale, she looked like a little girl who has yet to fully grow up, giving off a sense of weakness.

In the manhua adaption, Lotus wears a white dress with flowing sleeves a slits on both sides of the skirt to allow her legs freedom. The chest area appears to be hollow and replaced with a purple shirt of some kind.






Awakening: She can control the ground. She built houses out of mud, created the wall around Tilly's Island to keep the tide out, and raised a part of the riverbed near Border Town as support for an arc bridge.


Tilly Wimbledon[]

Lotus has great trust in Tilly as a leader.

Roland Wimbledon[]


  • Her ability is greatly desired by some of the fjord's merchants, she was even proposed a contract of 1000 gold royals.
  • Lotus is the only one of the first batch of Sleeping Island witches to not evolve her magic. Likely because Roland doesn't know much about how the ground works. Though its possible Leaf may be able to help Lotus learn more.
  • Despite her petite figure, Lotus is interested in having a bra.
  • She got bored of grilled fish on Sleeping Island.[1]



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