Longsong Area formerly known as Longsong Stronghold is an administrative area of City of Neverwinter 50 km east of Border Area. It was an administrative center of Western Region and the largest city in the west of the Kingdom of Graycastle.

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Longsong Stronghold has 200 years of history.

During Months of Demons its high walls had protected citizens and local villagers from demonic beasts and hybrids.

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Longsong Stronghold was bisected by a branch of the Redwater River; to the West laid the residential area and to the East laid vast farming lands.

Unlike the other big cities that were set in the suburbs of farmlands, the towering city wall of the Stronghold encircled both the residential area and a portion of the farmlands. It was built to defend against human beings, and not demonic beasts. However, even if the city was under siege, Stronghold would still flourish and be able to supply its people.

As such, the outer wall of Longsong Stronghold was split where the river divided the two sections of the city. Between the divide in the walls hung several massive chains which were the width of a man's arm. If an enemy decided to attack from the river, the hemp cords holding the heavy chains would be cut and send them crashing into the water to stop the enemy below.[1]

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