Linna was the Queen of the Kingdom of Everwinter.

Appearance Edit

In the Manhua adaptation, Linna was depicted to have long rust-colored hair and wore a white silk dress.

Personality Edit

No information was provided on her personality.

Background Edit

The former Queen of the Kingdom of Everwinter, she was removed from power by the Church, using the justification that she was a Witch.[n 1]

Chronology Edit

Garcia was informed from a letter brought to her by Ryan Koban that on the twenty-second day of spring, the church seized the capital of the Kingdom of the Eternal Winter, declaring that the kingdom is now under their rule.[1]

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Like Wimbledon III she was removed from power, albeit in a more public manner. Though it was never confirmed in the story if Linna was actually a Witch or that it was another lie by the Church so they could easily seize power.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 136
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