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Lan is a character of the Dream World, appearing first as a member of the Martial association, and later revealed as an Apostle who betrayed God.


Lan looks like a middle-aged woman, not outstanding in appearance, with black hair coiled on the top of her head, one of her eyes covered with a patch.


Lan first appeared as an assistant to the Defender of the Martial Association in Roland's Dream World. [1]

She revealed that she was born in the Realm of Mind.

When Valkries entered the Dream World, she first noticed Lan, and assumed her to be Heathtalese of the Cloud School in the real world or better known as "Transformer", an Upgraded.

It was revealed in her talk with Roland that she tried to reach out to the Demons and other witches long ago but it wasn't successful, because they couldn't establish a stable territory in the Realm of Mind and establish effective communication.

Also, she had to phrase the matter in a way that made sense to them. In other words, they had to understand what she was saying. Only in that way would the message be successfully delivered. The more they understood, the better reply they could formulate. This rule applied to both Roland and the demons.

It was revealed that she was someone who betrayed "God" and was looking for a way to stop the cycle of the Battle of Divine Will, so she wanted Roland to stop everything and replace God, and she offered him the way to bring back Ashes.[2]

She doesn't know much about the other world. After she left the Divine Land, Lan lost her power of connecting with other servants, but she told Roland that she was not the only traitor.[3]

After the expansion/explosion of the erosion in the Dream World, she got killed by Epsilon with a tranquil smile. In her dying breath, she spoke something to her killer which changed her behaviour after Lan's death.[4]

With the Custodian's passing of the mantle to Roland Wimbledon, she appeared alongside Epsilon and the other Oracles and mouthed 'thank you' to him before merging with the retreating previous Custodian.[5]


  • Heathtalese took Lan's looks in the real world as she assumed Lan to be an apostle.
  • The last person she talked about her objective was the Dream Courier, Alfina who lived 869 years ago


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