Kyle Sichi is the Minister of Chemistry in the Kingdom of Graycastle and former chief alchemist of Redwater City.

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Kyle Sichi is wholeheartedly felt for alchemy and chemistry.

He is a straightforward person and dislikes the etiquette and courtesy of noble men. For this reason, he asked numerous times for Roland to choose an overseer for the lab, who would report to him; though Kyle is always willing to go in person if it pertains to experiments.

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After being rejected by the King's City Alchemistry Guild, he dreamed of surpassing them and proving his excellence.

Chronology Edit

Kyle was the respected chief alchemist of the Redwater Alchemistry Guild, when he received a letter from the Fourth Prince. Thinking it was only a minor matter, he neglected to read it until later that night. When he finally read the letter, he was amazed by its contents. The letter in detail described chemical reactions of copper, silver and iron, and at the end invited to visit Border Town for knowledge. Kyle realized all his alchemy work was nothing compared to mysterious sage and with no hesitation went to the town.

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Genius IntellectEdit

Kyle was an experienced master alchemist prior to his recruitment by Roland. However, he can admit to his own shortcomings when presented with modern chemistry. Quick to understand the new knowledge, he was also able to combine his knowledge of chemistry with the information in the physics book to open new paths he previously thought impossible in alchemy.

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Roland Wimbledon Edit

Kyle follows Roland simply for the opportunity to discover more things about alchemy. As such, he is not as respectful towards him as others normally are.

Agatha Edit

Contrary to belief, Kyle gets along quite well with the ancient witch. Both of them respect the other for the pursuit of knowledge. They work together in nitroglycerine development.

Trivia Edit

  • Before moving to City of Neverwinter, Kyle had been writing "Book of Alchemy" to inspire future alchemists and leave memory of himself.

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