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The Kingdom of Wolfheart is one of the four kingdoms on the mainland. It neighbors the Kingdom of Dawn at its south and the Kingdom of Everwinter at its north. On its banner represented a shield and a sword.


The Kingdom of Wolfheart is located in mountainous areas.[1]


Kingdom of Wolfheart fought against the Church with Garcia's help but lost the war and their sovereign after the church's invasion.

After the fall of the king's city of the Kingdom of Wolfheart, dozens of lords, all of a sudden, claimed that they were the bastards of the King of Wolfheart. These alleged royal blood formed cliques and factions to fight for the throne. After numerous fierce battles, the kingdom was divided into three major territories, each dominated by the Token Family in the northwest, the "Redstone Gate" Family in the south, and the "Tusk" Family in the mountainous area in the east[2]




Military Strength[]

Foreign Relations[]

It was commonly believed among the nobles in the Kingdom of Wolfheart that Graycastle was a country vast in territory with few resources. Its land was as infertile and thin as that in the Kingdom of Wolfheart. The Kingdom of Dawn was the wealthiest country on this continent.[4]

Local nobles of the Kingdom of Dawn are pretty wary of Wolfheart and laid lot of traps on the Cage Mountain, their relations can be guessed as unfriendly.



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