The Kingdom of Everwinter is one of the four Kingdoms on the mainland. It neighbors the Kingdom of Wolfheart to it's left. It's banner is represented as a icerose.

Background Edit

Kingdom of Everwinter did not have a single river.[1]

It was mentioned that the Kingdom of Everwinter has the least cities out of the Four Kingdoms.[2]

Chronology Edit

On 22nd day of spring, the church declared that Linna, the queen of Kingdom of Everwinter was a hidden witch, and then conquered the capital of the Kingdom of Everwinter and claimed total control over it[3].

After the revolt the Church have met resistance mostly from nobles of King's City, while commoners welcomed its reign[4].

Locations Edit

Culture Edit

The Kingdom of Everwinter has forever been the kingdom in which the Church had the biggest influence. 

Politics Edit

Before the kingdom was conquered, it was ruled by Queen Linna.

Military Strength Edit

Foreign Relations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Among the Four Kingdoms the Church had the most influence in Kingdom of Everwinter.

References Edit

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