The Kingdom of Dawn is one of the four Kingdoms on the mainland. It is situated between the Kingdom of Graycastle (to the west) and the Kingdom of Wolfheart (east). It's banner is a snake coiled around a scepter.

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Cities: Edit

  • City of Glow (Capital City)
  • Northshire
  • Bloom
  • Thorn Town
  • City of Maplesong[1]

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Ladies whether they put their hair up or not had a strand of highlight hidden underneath the accessories, it's a style currently in fashion among nobles of the Kingdom of Dawn.

In addition to their hair, most of the ladies wear tight silk dresses that perfectly showcased their graceful bodies. Glints of fleeting light twinkled when they stroll. Unlike the gowns girls normally wore in the Kingdom of Graycastle, these dresses are off-shoulder and cut above knees, beguiling and seductive.[2]

Politics Edit

The kingdom is under a feudal system lead by the the king

Known kings:

3 nobles families hold a major part of power at the Capital:

  • Quinn Family
  • Luoxi Family
  • Tokat Family

Military Strength Edit

The strength of the kingdom is divided between the King's knightage and nobles personal forces.

During the Kingdom of Dawn's invasion of the Church of Hermes, the King, Appen Moya was able to muster an expeditionary army which was over 10,000 strong and consisted of virtually all of the Kingdom's available soldiers, including nobles and serfs alike.

However, during the actual invasion of Hermes, the supposedly unstoppable army was routed by the Kingdom of Graycastle's forces.

Foreign Relations Edit

After the seizure of power by Horford Quinn, the relations with the Kingdom of Graycastle, became smoother, becoming almost a servant-master relationship.

Horford could seize power from Appen because of Graycastle help.

The Kingdom of Dawn was the main producer of agricultural products and the biggest exporter of textiles among the four kingdoms. [3]

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References Edit

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