Kabradhabi was the commander of ambush forces at the Northbound Slope outpost.


As a Senior demon Kabradhabi was clad in bulky black armor. For interrogation he was transferred into damaged God's Punishment shell. 


Towards humans Kabradhabi is arrogant and contemptuous. He despises them and consider them lower beings.


Kabradhabi commanded the demon forces at the Northbound Slope. He prepared empty outpost to bait out human forces and laid in ambush to the north to cut their retreat route. However, after the long ranged attacks of the Longsong cannons, he had to command offensive onto the First Army's positions. While rear was in chaos after Devilbeasts attack, he landed on artillery positions and expressed his anger by damaging Longsong cannon. To his surprise and shock, his magic sword was dispersed, while he suffered nigh deadly damage from witches' heavy weapon.[1]

After the battle he was kept alive for interrogation. To avoid confusion caused by experience in demon body, he was transferred to legless shell of God's Punishment Warrior. At first, interrogation went well as he was bewildered by new body experience, but soon he took control of his magic and put Zooey's soul into his Realm of Mind. He had fought her there for several weeks, but her resistance and stubborness eventually forced him to release her. Her battle only lasted for several minutes in the real world, and after verifying her body wasn't taken, she volunteered to continue. Under she threatend him to resume their fight, he told Roland about their true enemy, the Sky Sea Realm, and their side role of conflict with humans.[2] 

After interrogation he refused to talk and was waiting for Demon forces to come and rescue him. Several months later Roland brought him to napalm test area to show him, that humans had measures against mist storages.[3]

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic sword: Kabradhabi could create magic sword capable to cut Longsong cannon barrel in half. Kabradhabi could hurl it to reach enemy at a distance, however due to its magical nature the sword would vanish if entered a God's Punishment Area.

Magic shield: Shield that could protect from arrows and bullets.

Trivia Edit


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