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Those soldiers without a belief are just ugly, weak, and hapless. They're nothing compared with the Judgement Warriors who fight for the deities.
Archbishop Soli Daal comparing knights with Judgement Warriors

The Judgement Army (审判军)[1] was the main force of the Church. They were well trained, disciplined, fanatical and loyal to the organization. The Judgement Army was virtually annihilated after the defeat of the Church at the hands of Roland Wimbledon and the First Army, with the remnants either being eliminated later or were absorbed into the Kingdom of Graycastle.


The Judgement Army in terms of equipment and battle tactics were very similar to the other feudal armies of the era but they were unique on their own terms too.


All judgement warriors are conditioned to be fanatically loyal to the Church and are second only to the First Army in terms of discipline. Unlike the noble knights, judgement warriors usually care little for personal glory and only seek to bring benefits to the Church in whatever way they can.


A single judgement warrior was comparable in terms of skill and training to a knight, often making them formidable warriors.


Because they are warriors and not soldiers, their combat abilities variety person to person.



Battle History[]


Organization and Tactics[]

Just like other armies, the lower rank warriors followed the orders of the higher ranked warriors.


The members of the The members of the Judgement Army general equipment general equipment:

  • Swords.
  • Spears.
  • Judgement Army’s Armor.
  • Cold Expelling Pills.

Notable Members []

Alicia Quinn (4th Vanguard platoon captain)