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Iron Head[n 1] is a miner working in Border Town and a caretaker of Nail.[1][2]




He works as a miner on North Slope Mountain.


Iron Head was a miner who managed the operation of the North Slope Mountain. During the first Months of the Demons after Roland's reincarnation, Roland had sent a steam engine to the mines to improve the production. That winter, the assigned operator of the steam engine, Nail, made a mistake and caused grave steam burns on Iron Head's face. Filled with immense regret and desperation, Nail put him on his back and ran to the newly built medical hospital near the city wall.[1] In the hospital, Nana healed him back to health. Despite being doubtful that a witch would help him at first, he quickly accepted the situation and was grateful to her. Regretting how he accused her of being a minion of the devil, he brought two salted fish and a wild boar leg to apologize to her after the winter.[3]

After the incident, he avoided the steam engine.[3]





He took care of Nail when the latter was working at the mine. He was the one suggesting Nail to apply for the Militia.[4]

They seemed to have a close friendship. Nail's comrades in the First Army thought Iron Head would have been proud of him when they were attacking Hermes.[5]

Nana Pine[]

His face was burnt beyond recognition by the steam engine when Nana first treated him. He was one of her first patients.[2]

Tigui Pine[]

Roland Wimbledon[]



  1. His name 铁头 (pinyin: Tiětóu) was also transliterated (rather than translated) as "Titus."


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