Iffy is a witch and a former member of the Bloodfang Association. She is currently a member of the Witch Union.

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She has waist-length, chestnut brown hair that looks shiny in the sunlight. She is lean and fit, and wears a tight black leather outfit with knee-high boots.[1]

Personality Edit

Iffy initially looked down on witches, who are not "combat witches". This caused her to be arrogant and unpleasant towards every witch she considered weak.

Background Edit

She fled together with Annie from the church in search of the Bloodfang Association. While she got accepted into their ranks, Annie was left behind. Iffy traveled later to Sleeping Island to join the witches there together with the Bloodfang Association.

It is shown in a dream of hers that she got abused (beating and less food), if she could not meet the standards of the Bloodfang Association. She regrets leaving Annie behind after seeing how "assistant witches" are able to use their power in the Witch Union.

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Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

Awakening Edit

"Magic Cage" (Cages Conjuring): In the blink of an eye, Iffy can conjure up to 2 "Magic Cages" formed by her magic to capture her targets close to her and squeeze the cages to crush them.

She summons her "Magic Cage", by opening her hand and spreading all five fingers. Then a dozen of purple light beams immediately appeared over her target head and swiftly formed a sphere, trapping the target inside. By squeezing her hand into a fist, the cage will instantly contract to squeeze the target tightly until it crushes them.

Different sizes have different demands for her magical power, but even a whale in the sea can't escape from her grasp. While the "Cage Bars" were not very thick, they were tough to the point that no matter how hard the target tried to get out, they could not free themselves. It is said, that even Ashes could not escape the cage unless she releases her.

Also, anything in her cage was weightless as well. This meant, even if she captured an elephant, she could also easily carry it. She can control the cage with great ease[1] and she can even toss the cage away, sending it tumbling over and over on the ground with the target bumped inside the cage until it rolled out of the area that she could affect.[2]

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Object Sensing: By using her magic power, Iffy can sense any object within ten steps of her.[3]

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Had to leave her behind while escaping the church.

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