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Hummingbird is a witch of the Witch Union and former member of the Witch Cooperation Association.


Hummingbird is a small cute girl with symmetrical dimples, a delicate face and a sweet soft voice.[3] Her youthful appearance suggests she awoke as a witch as a child.


Despite her age, Hummingbird is very pure and childlike. She rarely understands what's going on in the adult world, so she usually keeps to herself; though she indirectly asks Lily to explain things.

Hummingbird takes Roland'a ideology "work hard if there's work, and play if there's nothing to do" to heart; she shares the concept with new members of the Witch Union. She often spends her free time with Mystery Moon, Lily and Lightning, playing Gwent.


In Witch Cooperation Association she was responsible for lightening bags of wheat and dried fish, which allowed the witches to transport great amount of food effortlessly. In that way, they could easily take a lot of food with them, which significantly relieved the pressure on supplies.[3]


Hummingbird was among the few who successfully returned to the camp after the association's failed journey to Holy Mountain. When Scroll offered to Leaf lead the remnant members of Witch Cooperation Association, the latter refused and explained she would try her luck in Border Town. If she won't return Scroll should guide the rest to the south or across straits.[4]

Awaiting group was greeted by Nightingale and Lightning and brought to the castle where a feast was arranged for them. After that Hummingbird showed her abilities and was given a room on the second floor. At night witches gathered in Wendy's room and discussed their past and future, also wondering the reason behind Roland's kindness. Next morning she signed a contract with him.[3]

Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belongs to the enchanting type.



Object Lightening: She is able to greatly lower the weight of an object once she put her magic power into it. The weight of an object can be reduced close to that of air, which will make it almost float.

Her magic power would come into effect only when she touched non-living objects, which could not be a living entity. The larger the object was, the more time and magic power it consumed. However, once she successfully reduced its weight, the effect would last for several hours.[3]


  • Hummingbird shares her room with Lightning. An ironic pairing by their magic.


Hummingbird and Lily


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