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Honey is one of Tilly Wimbledon's witches. She was sent to Border Town as one of the first 5 witches to be sent there by Tilly. She's currently in charge of the Ministry of Public Relations and Communications in the Kingdom of Graycastle.[1]


She is somewhat shorter than one and a half meters. She has a head full of short fluffy curling brown hair, which resembled some fried dough twists. Her skin was slightly darker, and around her neck, wrists, and ankles she wore chains of animal teeth.[2]

The manhua adaptation has Honey in shorts, a tube top and vest, befitting the appearance of someone who has lived in the wild and dresses to have the freedom of her limbs. In chapter 205, Honey is shown to wear a fur skirt in winter, along with a cloak


She has a very lively temperament. Being full of energy while others like Evelyn and Candle are still groggy from waking up.[2]





Her magical power is of the summoning type.

Awakening: []

Beast Tongue (Temporary Beast Taming) - It allows her to tame all animals within the range of effect. The animals tamed by magic power would execute the instructions given by her but the instructions should not exceed the animal's ability. After the task was completed, the animals would be released or she would relieve the animals.[2]

Branch Ability:[]

Animal Messenger (Animal to Animal Transferring Taming) - She could pass the taming command through the messenger animal to the target animal—for example, summoning a bird to search for a more powerful animal to come around to serve her. It could be an old cat or a ferocious goshawk, but the final result was full of uncertainty and the process was totally uncontrollable.[2]


Both the main ability and the derivative skill can be affected by the God's Stone of Retaliation, especially Animal Messenger as the command could be easily erased by the God's Stone of Retaliation and free the animal. In addition, the bigger the animal to be tamed was, the more magic power it consumed, for example, she could summon up to dozens of birds but could only control up to around two to three cows.[2]


Tilly Wimbledon[]





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