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Hirte Medde was an Earl of the Elk Family in Western Region. In some translations he is called Hiller Dmitry or Hills Medde. He is the uncle of Fierce Scar and a distant relative of the Elk family in Longsong Stronghold. The head of the family is Luke Dmitry, a vassal under Duke Ryan. Count Elk got in contact with his distant relative Hiller Dmitry, and they conspired to sabotage Border Town's food reserves. Thus Hiller sent his nephew Fierce Scar on the attack.[1]


Hirte was a narrow-minded and presumptuous man.


Earl Elk contacted his distant relative Hills Medde to organize food storages burning, thus leaving prince Roland without winter stockpiles and forcing him to retreat to Longsong Stronghold.[2] The failed scheme wasn't approved by Duke Ryan and resulted in open confrontation between prince and duke.[3]

At spring Hirte along with the other great nobles of Longsong Stronghold united under Duke Ryan on a military expedition to Border Town. Like most others, Hirte believed that their combined forces would easily overcome the town's defences and depose Roland as the town's lord. He was proven wrong when the town's defences easily repelled the knights, leading to the rest of the army routing in fear.[4]

Although Hirte managed to survive the battle and retreated with what remained of the coalition army, he was later killed during an ambush by the First Army (The Annihilation of the Longsong Noble Alliance).[5]



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