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Hill Fawkes is a former acrobat. He became a spy for Roland Wimbledon after his wife was falsely accused of being a witch, tortured, and executed, by the order of Timothy Wimbledon.




Hill was a member of the acrobatic troupe Dove and Hat, which often held performances in the inner city area of the king's city. The troupe had only one female member, thus she was courted by everyone, but eventually she married him. After not long, they were able to save up enough money to buy a house in the inner city area.


Their happy life was destroyed by Timothy Wimbledon's witch hunting operation, which was started soon after his coronation. His wife was arrested by accident by Langley's subordinates. By the time Hill was allowed to check on her, he found her dead, covered in scars and bruises.

In the end, the warden, the castellan and the guard were sentenced to 10 lashes and a fine of 25 silver royals each, while he received a compensation of three gold royals. However, this punishment wasn't acceptable to Hill. He then appealed to the highest leader of the patrol team, knight Weimar, but the latter explained to him that since the witch hunt was decreed by the king himself, neither he nor Minister of Justice Pilaw could help him and bring Langley and his subordinates to justice.

Consequently, Hill decided to take revenge on the new king, unexpectedly supported by all members of his acrobatic troupe. They did not possess combat expertise, wealth or men, so they started to gather intel about Timothy to provide it to his enemies. The troupe members quickly joined and hid themselves in various Black Street organizations.[1] One of these organizations was Skeleton finger.

One day, a man named Theo came to Skeleton finger supposedly on a mission from the king. Soon after this The group began spreading rumors that encouraged refugees to board boats sailing to the western region. Hill kept a close eye on Theo’s movements, suspecting that Timothy intended to banish the refugees. But before he could make real progress, the Demonic Plague broke out, and Theo halted transportation.

A few weeks later, Theo resumed transporting refugees to the west. In response to this, Hill proceeded to disguise himself among the refugees hoping to investigate further. It was during this time that he learned Theo was actually serving Prince Roland, younger brother and a qualified enemy to King Timothy.


Hill Fawkes was a capable acrobat. After learning from Theo, he has become a capable infiltrator and information gatherer.


Timothy Wimbledon[]

In the beginning, Hill had hopes that Timothy would be a good king who would give his people a stable life. But this expectation was soon torn apart when the latter announced a witch hunt throughout the city. Many innocent women were killed by this witch-hunt including Hill’s beloved wife. Hills asked for justice but in the end the guilty party was only given 10 lashes whereas Hill was gives a few gold coins as compensation.

Due to this Hill came to bear a strong hatred for Timothy. This hatred eventually lead him and his former troupe to become spies for Prince Roland. When Roland defeated Timothy, Hill confronted the latter concerning his grudge and proudly revealed how he helped Roland defeat him.

Roland Wimbledon[]

Hill is loyal to Roland for giving him the means to enact his revenge against Timothy.





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