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Hermes (赫尔梅斯) is a newly built fortress city atop the mountain. The Church officials call it the New Holy City.


Hermes was established 20 years before Roland's transfer to resist Demonic beasts at Months of Demons.[1] Initially there was nothing, but during this time, the Church paved a road from Old Holy City up the mountain to transport supplies and construction materials and built fortress city with spectacular buildings and impressive walls.


It was like an insurmountable natural moat, standing across the path through the impassable mountain range. The pass to the top was flat and wide, it was wide enough for dozens of people to pass through side by side. At the beginning of the path, there were cliffs formed by a glacier on both sides, but the later part was a plateau.

This was why the church desperately wanted to build the new Holy City to the top of the mountain.

Using this terrain, they built a line of defense that was almost impossible to break through.

They were able to transport so many stones and timber from the foot of the hill to the top. In just twenty years they were able to build a city in Hermes, the power The Church had exhibited was astounding.

If they didn’t build the stronghold in Hermes, all countries on the continent would have had to face a catastrophe. They were also responsible for the convention against the Demonic Beast Horde.

Every year during January when the demonic beasts attack, the Four Kingdoms which border Hermes must send troops to support The Church and fight together under The Church’s verdict.[1]


In addition to the mountains and rocks around Hermes there was nothing here besides a little church at the bottom of the mountains. But now, they have not only opened up a road for a carriageway up the mountain peak, but they have also established a large-scale fortress city.[1]

The Holy City’s new Hall of Military Affairs makes the theater in Graycastle look like a shack. Gerald compares it to a piece of exquisite art. It’s so spacious that it could swallow five theaters. However, not a single pillar supports the exterior walls. The walls are held up by eight behemoth-like demonic beast bones. Between the curved bones are many smaller bones which are connected by hemp ropes, and the roof hovers in midair as if it were on a pole. [1]