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Heidi Morgan is a witch and the leader of the Bloodfang Association.


She has short red hair, and wears a luxurious finery and a mask to hide her identity.[1][2]


Heidi is a cruel and arrogant person, willing to go to any lengths to achieve her goal, even if it means killing innocents or even her own allies.

She looked down on other non-combat Witches, seeing them as dogs.

She is also highly ambitious, wanting to get a leadership of the witches in order to make her bid to the throne of the Kingdom of Wolfheart.

Heidi is also incredibly paranoid, believing Tilly is trying to take all the power of witches for herself.


Heidi was the daughter of an Archduke of the Kingdom of Wolfheart. When she awoke, she went to start her own witch group.

Heidi wishes to rule all witches but is unable to overcome Tilly's influence and leadership. In particular, the building of the Sleeping Spell gave Tilly a chance to manage all the other witches. Although some combat witches agree with Lady Heidi secretly, most of them don't want to confront Ashes.[3]


While living in Wolfheart, she secretly founded the Bloodfang Association that recruited only combat type Witches. Those she deemed unworthy were sent away to other Witch Associations, or so she always claimed. [Hide Spoiler] In reality, she traded them to nobles in exchange for her being able to recruit from their domains, putting them all in the same boat should the Church start searching so as to minimize the risk to herself[Show Spoiler]. Annie being an example when she arrived with Iffy.

During her recruitment process, she always wore a mask to hide her identity. Her treatment of those she took in was harsh, indoctrinating them with the belief that to survive they had to become like beasts, where only the strong prevail. Young girls would be kept in groups and forced to compete brutally with each other for enough food, though it's not known if these measures went so far as to have them kill each other.

After the Church took over Wolfheart, Heidi and her group were forced to flee to Sleeping Island, where they had originally refused Tilly's initial invitation before. They didn't plan to stay long, merely to slowly recruit other combat witches to her cause before returning to Wolfheart. But she underestimated how much support Tilly had, especially after Roland got involved, and the creation of the Sleeping Spell Guild that provided jobs and encouragement to non-combat Witches made Heidi realise that her own group was not as valuable or influential as she had hoped.

To subvert Tilly’s power and influence, Heidi sent two of her witches, Iffy and Softfeathers, to Graycastle, hoping to reach an agreement with Tilly’s elder brother, Roland. However, Roland was appalled when Iffy tried to bring forth the association's way of doing things to the union, especially when she harmed Maggie. After Iffy was defeated in a duel, she shared her past and views with Roland, including how Heidi sent support witches like Annie to other witch organizations. Roland grew suspicious of this statement, understanding that witch groups were so secretive that they wouldn't keep in such close contact with each other, so as to prevent being compromised should the Church take one of them down. As Heidi was getting concerned about why they had not gotten word back yet, [Hide Spoiler] another fatal issue emerged - Annie had arrived on the island, though gravely ill and unconscious[Show Spoiler].

[Hide Spoiler] Realising that she could expose Heidi as a traitor to her own kind, they took steps to try and have her eliminated before this happened. Unfortunately they were caught in the act as Shadow had created an illusion of Annie as part of Tilly's plan to expose Heidi's real nature, after Roland wrote to her about his suspicions concerning her sending of non-combat Witches to other groups.[Show Spoiler]

[Hide Spoiler] Realizing they'd been caught, she ran out of the building only to be confronted by Ashes, Andrea and Shadow who swiftly captured her. Afterwards she was brought to the Western Region and questioned by Roland and Nightingale, fully revealing the extent of her crimes. As a witch of Sleeping Island, Tilly had the final say in her fate, which Roland respected. After giving the order, Ashes strangled her to death in her cell.[Show Spoiler][4]

Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belonged to the summoning type.


"Power of Pulverizing" (Implosion Inducement): Within 10 steps from her, she can cause fatal damages to anything hollow, whether they are living things or vessels, by making them collapse from the inside. This kind of collapse won't be affected by any other factors, as no matter what kind of vessels she used her power to affect, they would collapse. A wooden one would be crushed, while a metal one would be squashed. For living beings, their abdominal cavity and thoracic cavity, would also collapse and squeeze the soft inner organs out.[5][6]


Bloodfang Association[]

Heidi is the leader of the Bloodfang Association, and commands all the witches there. However, she only saw them as tools to be used, not caring about them in any other way. [Hide Spoiler] Upon Heidi's death, they all were elated to be free of her tyranny, while others feared restitution from Sleeping Spell for all the hardship they gave the other witches under Heidi's leadership[Show Spoiler].

Tilly Wimbledon[]

Heidi held a deep hatred for Tilly. She saw Tilly as someone who was trying to grab all the power for herself. Despite Tilly being open with her desire to only run Sleeping Spell as a way to help out witches (and not rule them), [Hide Spoiler] Heidi ended up plotting her death. Upon being caught, Heidi was sentenced to death by Tilly, whom had Ashes carry out the execution personally[Show Spoiler].

Roland Wimbledon[]

After hearing that the prince treats witches well, she tried to persuade him into assisting her in gaining back her kingdom. However, Roland rejected her despite all the power she promised him; little did she know he had knowledge and technology far beyond anything she could think of to bribe him. She was astonished that such a person who is not interested in any form of power actually exists.


  • While she appeared for the first time in Chapter 537 as a flashback/dream, her official appearance in the story is in Chapter 589.


  • Heidi: "My child, this is the inspiration the God sends to us: Witches must act like the beasts in order to survive in the oppression. And strong combat witches will naturally become the symbol of the entire race,..."[2]
  • Iffy: ...hesitantly asked, "What, what if there is sufficient food for every single wolf?"[2]
  • Heidi: "In that case, they're no longer the wolves," Heidi laughed and said, "but dogs".[2]


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