Heidi Morgan is a witch and the leader of the Bloodfang Association.


She has short red hair, and wears a luxurious finery and a mask to hide her identity.[1][2]


Heidi is a cruel and arrogant person, willing to go to any lengths to achieve her goal, even if it means killing innocents or even her own allies.


Heidi wishes to rule all witches but is unable to overcome Tilly's influence and leadership. In particular, the building of the Sleeping Spell gave Tilly a chance to manage all the other witches. Although some combat witches agree with Lady Heidi secretly, most of them don't want to confront Ashes.[3]

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Her ability belonged to the summoning type.

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"Power of Pulverizing" (Implosion Inducement): Within 10 steps from her, she can cause fatal damages to anything hollow, whether they are living things or vessels, by making them collapse from the inside. This kind of collapse won't be affected by any other factors, as no matter what kind of vessels she used her power to affect, they would collapse. A wooden one would be crushed, while a metal one would be squashed. For living being, their abdominal cavity and thoracic cavity, would also collapse and squeeze the soft inner organs out.[4][5]

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  • While she appeared for the first time in Chapter 537 as a flashback/dream, her official appearance in the story is in Chapter 589.


  • Heidi: "My child, this is the inspiration the God sends to us: Witches must act like the beasts in order to survive in the oppression. And strong combat witches will naturally become the symbol of the entire race,..."[2]
  • Iffy: ...hesitantly asked, "What, what if there is sufficient food for every single wolf?"[2]
  • Heidi: "In that case, they're no longer the wolves," Heidi laughed and said, "but dogs".[2]

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