Heather was one of the three archbishops of the Church. She died by the hand of Garcia Wimbledon.

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Heather had a vicious streak. Due to her origins she hated nobility.[2]

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Heather was born in poor family and went through starvation and vagrancy before the Church took her. She aspired to high ranks thanks to her intelligence and judgement.[2]

Heather was in charge of Tribunal, and according to Mayne she brought tens of thousand criminals and witches to trial.

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During demonic hybrids' assault on Hermes's city wall she was atop of Cathedral with two other archbishops and watched the battle. She expressed admiration of the plan of destroying Four Kingdoms' forces and provoked archbishop Tayfun with words of humans' despicable nature. Before the clash would break out archibishop Mayne stopped them and dismissed.

After the overthrow of the Queen of Everwinter Mayne, Heather and Tayfun discussed situation in Kingdoms of Everwinter and Graycastle. Heather was interested in prince Roland and rumors about witch organization.[2]

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After evaluating Aphra's ability for the first time, she decided that her ability was useful for the church. Heather passed down Assassination skills to her, and brainwashed Aphra. This also spared her from becoming potential nourishment for the God's Punishment Warriors.

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