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Hackzord is the Western Front overseer and commander. He is a Lord, a demon analogue of Transcendents 400 years back.


The demon had hands and feet, but it had a much larger build than an ordinary man, its skin blue, with protruding veins running underneath. The biggest difference lay in the tentacles that sprouted from its cheeks, chin and elbows.[1]



Hackzord was acknowledged by the Origin of Magic, in the Second Battle of Divine Will.

He is the King's most important asset, his right-hand man.[2]


After Ursrook's defeat he was appointed commander of Western Front.[3]

Hackzord personally oversaw establishment of Birth Tower in mountain range to the north of Kingdom of Everwinter. To secure success, he connected his mind with four Eye Demons and observed surroundings.[4]

He would later to go one to recruit the surviving nobles of the Kingdom of Everwinter by promising them high ranking noble titles as well as vengeance against the 'Greycastle men.' However, it is also heavily implied that he only sees them as pawns to further the demon's own agenda whom he will dispose of once Demon victory was assured.

After receiving Valkries' letter [5] he eventually arrived at the Bottomless Land, where he talked to the Guardian and saw the Realm of Mind by using a specific magic stone and began to accept the contents of the letter. However, soon after he got attacked by a Deep Sea Demon Nest,[6] but escaped with the hole in his chest without healing. After his communication with Valkries, he becomes convinced that humans, particularly Roland is key to stopping the cycle of Battle of Divine Will and is willing to work with him and ensure co-existence of both their races. He eventually reappears to Silent Disaster in an attempt to convince her to help in stopping the Battle of Divine Will, and discovers that he isn't the Western Front Commander anymore, since Plan B (launch Deity of Gods from high up to the ground, similar to giant meteor collisions) was to be executed by Nassaupelle due to the King's order. [7] After the King and Nassaupelle died during the nuclear strike of humans, he kills Blood Conqueror who is against any cooperation with humans.

Powers & Abilities[]

During the Second Battle of Divine Will Hackzord's power was equal to Transcendent's. By now, according to Kabradhabi, he was much stronger, capable to win against the First Army at Northbound Slope if he was there.[8]

Control of mind: Hackzord is skillful in controlling his mind in the Realm of Mind. Also, he can connect with minds in the Realm of Mind at will.[3]

Distortion Door: The ability to open a portal through space allowed for instantaneous movement, and could simultaneously be used as a shield or a weapon. Can only open one passage at a time and the entrance of the passageway must be within arm's reach. The range of the portal must be at least over two kilometers.[9]

Realm of Mind: After its visit to the Bottomless Land, Hackzord gained the ability to form its own Realm of Mind domain. This is because, according to Hackzord, seeing the "tree of light" located there deepened its understanding towards the Realm of Mind. Due to it, he can share his memories with others. Compared to the Demon King's Presiding Holy Sea, however, its domain is far smaller.[7]



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