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A God's Locket of Retribution, as illustrated in the Manhua adaptation.

God's Stone of Retaliation (also known as Divine Stone of Judgement in the manhua[Citation needed]) is a rare mineral material that can make most witches' abilities powerless, but useless against Extraordinary witches.[1] This stone in a raw state is extremely tough and it can resist to cuts and gunshots, but is fragile once extracted.[2] For a long time, humans could only manipulate it by soaking it with either witches' or demons' blood, which will make it melt.[3] While in the Mist, Nightingale sees them as black holes.[4]

Despite the Stone's reputation as the absolute anti-witch weapon, non-Extraordinary witch Isabella could disable its effects. These stones were sold by the Church, but because of the high prices, only nobles could afford even the tiniest piece of stone.

In chapter 1420, there was further development with Isabella concerning the Stones: [Hide Spoiler] Through an evolution of her powers, she became capable of transforming God's Punishment Stones into Magic stones, which can probably explain how the Chaos Beasts can create them as well. At that time, it is also hinted that the God's Stone of Retaliation may be alive as exemplified by its symbiotic relation with the rats seen at Hermes.[5][Show Spoiler]

Regarding the origin of God's Stones of Retaliation, it was revealed near the end of the story that... [Hide Spoiler] the participants of Project Gateway had their forms warped and reconstructed and after ten million years of evolution turned into a special crystalline body known as God's Stones of Retaliation.[Show Spoiler][6]

Known Uses:[]

  • God's Locket of Retribution
  • Magic stone
  • Arrowhead: Arrows embedded with God's Stones of Retaliation can be used to prevent non-Extraordinary witches from using their powers without having to get close to them, by shooting those arrows from a distance at or near them.
  • Bolts: Like arrows, bolts can also be used with God's Stones of Retaliation for the same purpose, but unlike an arrow, they are faster and easier to reload.
  • Shields: Shields embedded with God's Stones of Retaliation.
  • [Hide Spoiler] Bullets: First proposed by Edith as a measure against Ursrook[7], a God's Stone bullet consists of a God's Stone of Retaliation shaped into a cylinder with a width of 30mm, which is then coated with copper and then equipped with a sharp bullet head. The complete bullet has a caliber of 35mm.[Show Spoiler][8]
  • Sigils


  • Nightingale used to put a God Stone of Retaliation under Roland's pillow.
  • Church used to pile up God's stones in the churches.[9]
  • A God's Stone of Retaliation's vein is located under each Holy city, established by the Witch Federation.


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