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The God's Punishment Army is the gathering of the most powerful warriors of the Church. They also possess the strongest faith, willing to sacrifice themselves, only the most brave and fearless members of the Church can be transformed.
– Spoken by a church disciple.

God's Punishment Warriors are one of the ultimate weapons of the church. They were the Church's confidential soldiers who were extremely effective in battle, before the Church was defeated at Coldwind Ridge. It was later revealed that the development of God's Punishment Warriors was part of another project to turn witches with non-combat abilities into powerful fighters called God's Punishment Witches, planned during the time of the Witch Federation, 450 years ago.


God's Punishment Witches[]


God's Punishment Warriors were extremely powerful, without pain or fear. However they could not act independently.[1], and must be controlled by someone else. They didn't have consciousness and fought by instinct.[2] God's Punishment Warriors were said to be as strong as the Extraordinaries.[3][4] However, compared to God's Punishment Witches, there seems to be a stark contrast as the former is incomplete. This may be due to the fact that God's Punishment Warrior was created to hunt witches and demon beasts, not powerful demons.


Weapons : Axes and Spears.

Armor : Muscular Physique and Big Shields.

Method of Creation[]

The below method is how the Church used to create the God's Punishment Warriors.

Some Details about the Incarnation Ceremony:[]

In order to become a God's Punishment Warrior, the sacrificed user must be willing. And this process requires the sacrifice of a witch, as most of her blood will be used during the incarnation ceremony, causing her death. The witch must also be an adult, as only then her blood will be enough to hold the incarnation ceremony for two God's Punishment Warrior candidates at the same time.

The blood of the witch damages the God's Punishment Warriors' minds, and the warriors gradually lose their feeling and intelligence, left with only instinct and their strong will.

The will of the candidates significantly determine the success of their incarnation.

The Procedure of the Incarnation Ceremony:[]

The witch's blood is poured into a crystal basin whose bottom is paved with God's Stones of Retaliation. Shortly afterwards, the God's Stones of Retaliation can be observed to be absorbing the blood. After eight minutes, the stones will be melting away and the color of the liquid will turn from russet to sky blue.

Then the new liquid is slowly injected into the veins of the two candidates. The candidates will be seen to be enduring great pain.

During this process, if a candidate is seen to be shouting out meaningless words, with their skin dissolving, and their body being covered with white smoke, the incarnation ceremony can be said to be levering on the verge of failure for that candidate.

If a candidate manages to stay relaxed and survive after a tough wait, they will be able to become a God's Punishment Warrior. Their blood will change from red into blue, the same blood color as demons.[4]

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

God's Punishment Warriors have superhuman durability and strength. They also do not fear anything, and will continue fighting even if parts of their body is amputated. They can be defeated by destroying their muscle fibers or nerves, which will render them immobile. Their main weakness is their missing intelligence. They lost basic thinking which are crucial for human survival, therefore they are unable to set up traps or tricks unless instructed. The original cunningness possessed by humans are also gone. They are assumed to be incapable of dodging attacks, which is the reason why Ashes was able to handle 3 of them at the same time. They are also muscular enough to hold a huge shield to block Timothy's firearm shots, but that was rendered useless by Roland's penetrating firearms.



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