There is no meaning to put gold royals in the coffer. It's like a stone when it's not in use, and only when you spend it, can it reflect its value. To spend the money doesn't mean you lose it, but rather, you create a return value that's even greater.


Garcia Wimbledon[n 1] was the first princess of the Kingdom of Graycastle. She had chosen her base at the Port of Clearwater and commanded the Blacksail Fleet. She served as a secondary antagonist in the first 2 volumes and later reappeared as a supporting protagonist in the Dream World.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Her long gray hair reflected a faint silver glow in the autumn sun, and her eyes were narrow and light reseda green. Due to staying at the coast for a long time, her skin got slightly rough, and was no longer as white as all the other women of the royal family.[2]

In the manhua adaptation, she is a fair-skinned woman with long grey hair. She wears a torn purple skirt and a white long-sleeved shirt which is rolled up to her elbows. She also wears a choker, has an eye patch with a pirate skull over her left eye, and two crossed belts fastened around her hips.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The third princess was not only was she a person of philosophy, but also a person of action.[2] Garcia was farsighted, ambitious and a ruthless person, willing to go to any length to achieve her ends.

Garcia was willing to use unethical means to benefit herself, such as promising the Mojin Clan a safe and better place to live, however she didn't tell them the negative effects of the Pill of Madness, resulting in the deaths of many sand people. This would create an obstacle for Roland later in the story, where he wanted to extract petroleum and recruit the mojins, he had to undo the betrayal Garcia had done to them.

She was also willing to use pawns to kill her brothers and sisters, by using their families as hostages to coerce them into killing potential king candidates.[Citation needed]

She possessed the wisdom and pride of a noblewoman, however unlike the other nobility, who would scrupulously abide by common sense, on that point, she was even a bit like the civilians – breaking away from the ordinary, filled with expectations, with an extremely rich spirit for adventure.[2]

She also liked to mock the church, one example being when she killed Heather and sent her finger in order to infuriate them.

After becoming a resident of Roland's Soul Apartment, Garcia becomes much more earnest and works to protect the people. She believes in fighting for the protection of the innocent. She believes that protecting the weak is its own reward, and chides Roland when she thinks he is only fighting for money.

Age[edit | edit source]

Age over novel timeline
Years Notes
21 Original text says 21 years old as of Chapter 11 (novel)[4]
26 Chapter 286 (novel)

Background[edit | edit source]

Five years before king Wimbledon III announced Royal Decree on the Selection of Crown Prince, Garcia settled in Port of Clearwater to establish the Blacksail Fleet. Since then she had been preparing to compete for throne.[2]

She had also sent spies to her brothers, to use as hidden pawn.[2] She had arranged for Tyre, one of the spies, to be Roland's maid. To guarantee her obedience, she had taken Tyre's sister as a hostage.[5]

After the Royal Decree, she had ordered Tyre to poison Roland, before the Months of Demons come.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Garcia had a high intelligence; she claimed that unused gold is no different from stone and invested large amounts of it into her fleet. She was a skilled tactician, able to reasonably predict Timothy's strategy and actions, and use it against him. She was able to lead her army reasonably well and even accomplish victories against both Timothy's forces and the Church's Judgement Army on separate occasions despite her forces being outnumbered by enemies whose forces were better trained and better equipped.

As a martialist, Garcia is noted to be one of the most famous and skilled members.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Roland has Garcia to thank for his "rebirth"; as the prince's death coincided with someone on modern Earth dying, somehow allowing that person's soul to take Roland's place.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Mandarin pinyin for 嘉西亚.温布顿 is Jiāxīyà Wēnbùdùn. García is both a masculine given name (known bearers being the kings of Navarre and Galicia) and a surname in real-life Iberia. See also: García.

References[edit | edit source]

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