'Garcia's Army' is the non-official name used to refer Garcia Wimbledon's military forces during the Royal Decree for Crown Prince. Garcia's Army continued to serve under her until The Siege of Wolfheart City and Garcia's subsequent 'disappearance' after the Church successfully annexed the city. Since they are never mentioned again after the battle, it can be assumed that all of its members are either deceased or had since defected to the Church.

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Garcia's army was the most diverse in comparison to other human armies, comprising of her personal knights and retainers, the Blacksail Fleet, warriors from the Sand Nation and eventually a coalition of nobles from the Kingdoms of Wolfheart and Everwinter.

Unlike Timothy's army, Garcia's army did not have access to the elite royal knights from the king's city nor did it have access to the same amount of resources and manpower.

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 Armour Edit


Weapons Edit

  • Sword
  • Spear
  • Pike
  • Mace
  • Lance
  • Gunpowder Mine

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Berserker pills

Notable Members Edit

  • Garcia Wimbledon, Faction Leader. (deceased)
  • Ryan Koban, Garcia's Chief Knight. (presumed deceased)
  • Tommen Balya, Earl from the Southern Region. (status unknown)
  • Arryn Zita, Earl from the Southern Region. (status unknown)
  • Kabala, Sandstone Clan head. (defected)
  • Halon, Knight from the Kingdom of Everwinter. (status unknown)
  • Bode, Marquis from the Kingdom of Everwinter. (status unknown)

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