Frost Town is a town in the Kingdom of Everwinter, situated at the southwestern border of the Kingdom of Everwinter and the Kingdom of Wolfheart, surrounded by mountains. Due to the geographical advantage, the lord there did not build any castle in the town. There are many similar towns on the border of the two kingdoms.[1]

Chronology Edit

It was near Frost Town where a battle occurred between a group of ten First Army soldiers responsible for evacuating refugees to the Kingdom of Graycastle after the Demons' occupation of the Kingdom of Everwinter and some soldiers under Marwayne Parker, the Duke of the Northern Region of the Kingdom of Everwinter.[2]

He attacked the Graycastle soldiers under the order of Hackzord, a demon lord, as he pledged fealty to the demons and became a duke largely thanks to their influence.[3] Though it should be said that the specifics of the attack was planned by him and his men.

Marwayne's soldiers were equipped with various weapons including swords, tridents and even rifles stolen from the First Army by the demons.[4]

In the end, the First Army soldiers were the winners of the battle, with only two of them sustaining relatively serious injuries.[5]

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