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Fish Ball was a famous coward in the Old District of Border Town who was often ridiculed by others, until he joined the Second Militia. [3] Eventually he was promoted and became the Leader of the Machine Gun Squad.


Initially viewed as a coward in Border Town, after he fought the demonic beasts on the wall with the new Militia, people stopped laughing at him. [4] From then on he became assured of himself and his training kept him from running away and allowing him to fight back against the armies enemies.


He joined Second Militia earlier than Chapter 87, and eventually, when the First Army was officially formed was integrated into it. Eventually joined the Flintlock Squad, then got transferred to the Machine Gun Squad, where he after some time became one of its squad captains. By the fight against the Devilbeasts that infiltrated the Border Area of Neverwinter, he got his first POV chapters, which related his fight against the demons. [5]

Fish Ball fought with the Army when the demons ambushed the humans near the train tracks at night, and it was still a Squad Captain [6]

Eventually he participated in the refugee's rescue in the Kingdom of Everwinter as a team leader, but got involved in Duke Marwayne's Plan to please Sky Lord Hackzord, which he foiled. [7]


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