Festivity or Festive Harbor is a town founded to celebrate the unification of the Southernmost Region with the Kingdom of Graycastle. It is located in the Endless Cape of Southernmost Region.[1]

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This Region was a settlement to exile prisoners.

The reason the Endless Cape had always been a settlement to exile prisoners was that there had literally been nothing except perils and dangers. Even the most experienced hunter would not be able to survive on this land. Sand Nationals believed only Three Gods could build a town with hundreds of thousands of residents out of this bleak emptiness.[2]

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Graycastle had to solve a few problems to establish a city in the Endless Cape.


A large pond surrounded by numerous sheds covered with black films. They did not find anything unusual about it at first, but after the Months of Demons, white salt had come out of the seawater. Water vapor condensed into liquid on the films, trickled down a slope into a groove, and finally into a water storage tank. Water was collected in a much faster manner when heat went up. Although they could not produce much drinking water with one pond, they could collect a lot with several hundred.

As the number of such ponds increased, they now not only had sufficient water for daily use but also excess for the ships from Neverwinter. These films became the lifeline of the town. 

Use local materials to build houses.

They built numberless furnaces, fueled them with the Blackwater, filled them with dirts from the bottom of the sea, and then mixed them with sifted fine sand to make bricks. Since there was an inexhaustible supply of dirts and sand, soon brick houses rose at the Festive Harbor, with double-bricked external walls and ceilings. Although the houses were not shaded by trees like those on the oases, they were, at least, proper dwellings.


They instructed them to spread dozens of fishing nets at the beach, which would totally submerge in tidal waves when the seawater rose. Once tides ebbed way, many strange creatures would cling to the nets, such as crabs, sea snakes and sea urchins.[2]

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The word "black" was the term they used specifically to describe the black water of the Styx River, which was the only product produced at the Endless Cape. Nonetheless, as the mine gradually expanded, Sand Nationals found two more underground streams bearing two different colors: deep red and dark green.They were both combustible, only their properties and scents were quite different. To avoid confusion, they called the black water "black".[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Festivity is the second town that Roland had named, other than Neverwinter.[1]
  • Festivity in original is Daqing.
  • Someone tried to steal the black films from the pond.[2]

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