Ferlin Eltek, commonly known as Morning Light, was the most renowned and titled knight of Western Region; a former knight of Duke Ryan. After death of the duke he became an intermediate teacher in City of Neverwinter and move with his wife Irene. As former knight he wasn't allowed to serve within ranks of First Army, so he later joined Adviser Department.

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Ferlin is a very handsome man.

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Ferlin is a humble man with a strong sense of justice. He deeply cares for his wife and was strong-willed enough to defy his family to marry her.

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Contrary to father's will, Ferlin married lowborn actress Irene and severed relations with his family after grand scandal.

He held grudge against Duke Ryan for raping Irene and would kill him, if not for her pleas. After that he decided to wait for convenient moment of revenge.

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Ferlin's knight skills earned him fame of the best knight of Western Region. He is also talented in drawing.

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