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Farrina was the Commander of the remaining Judgment Army that stayed at Hermes even after the Church's defeat by the hand of the First Army. [1] After Tucker Thor's suicide,[2] she became the Acting Pope and led people out of Hermes. Eventually, after staying at Graycastle for over a year, she got the job to drive a truck that sent supplies to the front.[3]


Not much is known about her looks, except that she looked quite pretty to Joe,[4] and that she reminds Tucker Thor of Alicia, another woman from the Judgment Army.[2]



Before joining the Church, she was a common civilian, who might've died if Joe hadn't taken her in on his way to Hermes, due to being exposed to cold air. When taken in by the church, she started as a warrior trainee and soon after became a Judgement Army reserve. [5]

When the demonic beasts had approached the wall of the cathedral, Farrina had assumed the critical role of the commander of the Judgment Army when their very survival was threatened to keep the situation from getting out of hand.[2]


Farrina had approached Tucker Thor on the fortified city wall of the New Holy City, to report about the army responsible for pursuing fugitives and revealed that from over 20 people that went to catch the fugitives, only one or two returned. She told him that she known that they left with the fugitives, and that if she ever find them, she'll definitely let them know the consequence of betrayal.[2]

Then she reported that 564 people is what was left of Judgement Army, and that they are all guarding the inner city gate of the Holy City, so they should be able to stop residents in the inner city from leaving.

Afterwards Tucker ordered her to take what was left of Judgement Army and the remaining 100 God's Punishment Warriors, and go to either the Kingdom of Everwinter or the Kingdom of Wolfheart, and build a new holy city somewhere close to the coast.

Stunned that they were leaving Hermes, she asked about the demonic beasts, but Tucker told her that now they were the Kingdom of Graycastle responsibility and that her top priority is to reserve the Church strength, as they can always build a new cathedral but an't let their believers suffer, and when the Four Kingdoms are permeated with demonic beasts, the people will naturally remember their power again.

She that told him that the pious believers who resolve to fall with the Holy City may not agree to abandon Hermes. He told her to explain that the Holy City lies where they stay to them, and they'll understand. Also that this is the order of the acting pope, which is to preserve themselves and the spirit of the church.

Just then, they saw the rays of the setting sun slowly streak through clouds and that the fresh white snowfield was basking in slanting beams of sunshine, meaning that the Months of Demons has ended. Tucker told her to tell the news, and that if they start to prepare now, they will be able to take off in two or three weeks.

As she excused her self and ran to the inner city, she heard a gentle thud behind her as if something had slipped down the wall and into the valley. When she turned around, however, there was nobody on the city wall.[2]

Due to the Tucker's order, she left Hermes sometime between Tucker Thor's suicide [2] and the eventual battle among Graycastle and Dawn over the control of the city.[6] With Tucker Thor's death she led the remaining believers who still wanted to keep the Church alive by accruing believers and went to the Kingdom of Wolfheart.

She eventually found out about a former bishop (Lorenzo), who after Hermes's fall betrayed the church and became the Earl of Archduke Island. In order to secure his position he hanged the messengers from the church, causing many to leave the Judgement Army. Farrina and the rest of the army was unable to make a move against the former bishop for a while as he also had a group of God's Punishment Warriors in his hand.[7]

When Farrina finally led her troops against Lorenzo, most warriors from both sides died and she failed to kill him, becoming his captive. Since Lorenzo's God's Punishment Warriors now only numberd 3 out of 20, he started torturing her to get her to tell him the method of creating more of those warriors. Since he heavily relying on them to keep his position of Earl in the island, her tortue continued for a long time.[8]

When a former Judgement Warrior, Joe, who used to accompany Farrina before she led the attack on Lorenzo, learned about Lorenzo's arrangement to know more about the Cursed Temple (Uranium Mine), he decided to inform Graycastle about the treasure Lorenzo might have, so that he could have a chance to save Farrina.[9]

After Joe informed Sean, the chief guard of Roland, who was responsible for the expedition in the Cage Mountain, of the situation; Hagrid (Lorenzo's servant), who was also in Thorn Town, was caught and interrogated.[10] Upon Roland's approval of Sean's plan which was sent to Roland shortly afterwards, a small team headed to Archduke Island to defeat Lorenzo. The most notable members of the team were Sean, Joe, Hagrid, and two God's Punishment Witches: Zooey and Betty.[11]

They succeeded in killing Lorenzo in his bedroom without sustaining any damage themselves, and returned to Graycastle with the treasure (Magic Ceremony Cube), and Farrina, who was still alive but badly injured due to Lorenzo's torture.[12]

Initially, she was extremely opposed to joining Graycastle's side due to being responsible to the Church's demise. However, after talking with Zooey about the history behind the Church, [13] seeing the second Magic Movie [14] and seeing the First Army fighting the demons, she eventually softens up and eventually tries to join the army.[15]

After her talk with Zooey she lost her reason to live, since her beliefs were based on lies propagated by the Church. Soon after, Joe confesses his love for her and tells her that he needs her, to which she accepts his request and they eventually go live together in Neverwinter.

After seeing the movie, she eventually gets more and more motivated to do something in the fight against the demons, and eventually applies for a job as a truck driver, which is supposed to support the army with supplies.[16]

During the war, she eventually is called along with others to participate in hit and run tactics with her as one of the truck drivers, and in the end starts to support Graycastle. [17] Due to this, she eventually asks Iron Axe to be permitted to join the First Army as her reward for helping[18] Graycastle uncover Smarty's (the one who informed them of Sky Lord Hackzord's powers) murderers. Since Roland himself instituted the First Army enlistment rules and it prohibited non-civilians to join, Iron Axe suggest to include her contributions and request in his report to Roland in hopes on him allowing her to join.[19] However, whether she joined the amry or not is unknown, since her next and last mention on the story only depicted her being responsible for transporting supplies with her steam-powered truck on Graycastle 's command.[20]



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