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Fallen Dragon Ridge (坠龙岭) is a city located in the Southern Region of Graycastle and ruled by Spear Passi under the rules of the City Hall of Roland Wimbledon.

Geography []

A city built on the hillside ,The dark city wall extending out of the mountain side, and linked the city and the mountain like a dome.

Fallen Dragon Ridge is located within the rocky mountains, and the Lord's castle built on the hillside could be seen from far away.[1]


The city name came from the Fallen Dragon Ridge, a mountain not far away.

Different from the Old King's City, Fallen Dragon Ridge seldom encountered attacks from external enemies, being located in the central south of the kingdom of Graycastle.

Thus, its city wall was quite low, not even half as high as that of Longsong Stronghold. The narrow wall at the top allowed only one person to pass, and they could not set up large defense equipment like mangonels.[2]

Chronology []

Spear Passi inherited the position of Marquis and Lord of Fallen Dragon Ridge from her father, although she was a woman, a rare case in the noble society.

She didn't intend to give shelter to her fellow witches, as her Lord title would no doubt be in danger if the church found she was protecting witches. As such she wanted those witches to leave her territory as soon as possible and protect themselves from being tortured by the Church.

She offered help to Tilly and her fellow witches during their migration to Sleeping Island.

Later on, when Roland sent Nightingale to get in touch with her, Redwyne Passi organized a coup d' état with the help of the Church . Nightingale killed Aurora and the Judgement Army, but the Church had aldready taken control of the city.

Roland offered her the help of the First Army in exchange of her allegiance. In two hours, the First Army took the castle and church.

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