Evelyn was one of Tilly Wimbledon's witches. She was sent to Border Town as one of the first 5 witches to be sent there by Tilly.

After joining the Witch Union, Evelyn used her pay to open a tavern. As the proprietress of the tavern, Evelyn serves her enhanced alcohol, while her Chaos Drinks are sold by Margaret.

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Evelyn was rather timid, as she saw her power as useless compared to the powers of many of her sisters. However, she cheered up once Roland and Mystery Moon told her that no skill is useless; only unknown how to be used.

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Daughter of a tavern owner, member of the Sleeping Island witches.

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Evelyn was nervous when she went to Border Town, as she was unsure of how she could be helpful to Prince Roland.

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Her ability belonged to the summoning type.

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Alcohol Transmutation: She can transform low-quality ale into alcohol with totally different style and taste, such as delicious wine or fruit wine, as long as she tried it before.[1]

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Enhanced Alcohol Transmutation: The ability could turn fresh water, wine or other liquids into high-quality drinks. However, which drink would be the final product was uncontrollable. In other words, the final product each time was totally different.

The consumption of magical power to transform these drinks was much more than that of to transform alcohol. The magic power could only be cast once per day. The quantity of transformed drink was limited, which was equal to the capacity of a barrel.[2] 

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Roland Wimbledon Edit

Despite believing he would dismiss her for having a "useless" skill, Evelyn was surprised to find Roland had chosen her specifically to help with production of wine.

Tilly Wimbledon Edit

Her savior and original proprietor. Evelyn is loyal to Tilly for providing her a safe place to live free of persecution.

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