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Eleanor was a transcendent extraordinary witch, one of the three Chiefs of the Union and currently a member of the Taquila Witches. She transferred her soul into the Central Carrier.


She has long hair that reached her ankles, with brows exquisite like a panting and grays eyes with a hint of languidness. She also looks extremely similar to Alice and Natalia, the other Union Chiefs. [1]


After Alice an Natalia's fall she started to doubt herself as a qualified leader since her passiveness prevented her from making a decision to support any of their plans. Only after gathering everybody's will in the central carrier that she became sure of her own judgment.[1] She looks extremely mature to Roland, not worrying about her body at all.[2]


As the fallout between Taquila and Starfall City over clashing opinions regarding the Union's future policy caused the deaths of the two Union Chiefs, Eleanor sacrificed herself by merging with the Central Carrier. She was the first witch to do so. Her decision as the last Union Chief managed to stop the internal disaccord and the two factions reached an agreement through negotiation. However, with this, the Union had lost all three of its Transcendents, and the Three Chiefs system came to an end.[3] She believes that had she supported either of the other transcendents, then the Union might not have crumbled.[1]


Earlier in life she was an Extraordinary Witch and eventually through battle evolved into a transcendent. Some time later she became the leader of the city of Arrieta as its Queen until its eventual demise at the Second Battle of Divine Will.

After Eleanor and the others merged with the central carrier, it was taken care of by the Taquila Witches until Roland found her ability as a super calculator and decided to use her in the Astrology Association and logistics in battle.

Following the Blood Moon's arrival, she took control of the first Deity of Gods and became one with its Mother of Soul after invading Nassaupelle's Network of Mind and expulsing him from the Control Hub. Through this event, it was revealed that she was not only herself, but a collective of minds made of all the witches that were merged with the central carrier. Then she explained that she didn't remember anything of the time after the merge with the central carrier except for computations and magic power analysis.[1]

Later, she talked with Roland and due to the Deity of Gods' reserves of God's Stone of Retaliation running out she got transferred, inside the Mother of Soul to the North Slope Mountain's mine near Neverwinter.[4] After her habituation with the demon, she eventually lifted the North Slope Mountain and formed humanity's first Deity of Gods. [5] After learning more about the Dream World's knowledge she eventually masters it until a college level proficiency and is able to produce a miniature Magic core capable of telekinetic powers, allowing her to operate a few hundred weapons simultaneously with better accuracy than normal soldiers.[2]

Powers & Abilities[]

Magic (Formerly)[]

Her ability belonged to the Self-enforcing type.



In the Central Carrier (Later)[]

Due to her merging with the central carrier and the other witches inside it, she had computational power similar to computers, being able to calculate, even when equations were involved.[3] However, she wasn't able to think as a human being, only acting as a machine and not remembering much of it afterwards.

In the Mother of Soul (Currently)[]

After leaving it she was able to comprehend Nassaupelle's control hub in less than a minute, since all the other consciences were still merged with her.[1] For Eleanor the floating stronghold acts as her body and the Mother of Soul's tentacles acts as additional perceptive organs improving her control over the the mountain. Inside it she becomes happier, as she is able to see, hear and think as a being capable of thought.[2]

Five years later she became able to groome a kind of person which fused with the human body, be it the hands, legs, nose, ears… Even the horns on the foreheads were embedded with magic stones. Two of the subjects had been considered a success. Volunteers would replace their limbs and turn into bodies capable of holding magic—although their abilities were not worth mentioning compared to witches and were incapable of completely driving low grade magic stones, they were able to utilize magic-powered installations independently.[6]




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