Edith Kant is the eldest daughter of Calvin Kant, the Northern Duke. She is also his adviser.

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She has long green hair.[1]

Personality Edit

Edith is an intelligent, cunning and ambitious woman. She seeks power, but is prudent with obtaining it, knowing that being that making a wrong move would likely lead to her demise; therefore she analyses all variables with shocking impartiality. Yet in counterpoint is the most decisive to participate in dangerous moves when she perceives that lighter means or inaction would bring worse and/or unpredictable results. She values power and progress above all else, believing that those intelligent or capable that abide to it are those that thrive and lead their own fates instead of those that merely build a comfort zone for themselves.

She also greatly enjoys walking her path to power and planning her next moves, making this great key point in her personality oddly hedonistic.

Background Edit

Eldest Daughter of Calvin Kant, the Northern Duke.

Chronology Edit

Advised her father to kill his competition who were about to revolt (Game of Thrones style) and present their heads to Roland in hopes of getting into his good graces. Set out to the capital as a messenger of her father.

After meeting with Roland and having two different meetings, she accepted Roland's reform, was told about Demons, the past and was even shown a captured Demon. Asked Roland to work in his City Hall afterwards in hopes of persuading her father to give up on his Duke status.

She currently works as a logistics liaison between the City hall and the army.

Abilities Edit

Aside from her great beauty, her ability to adapt in situations makes her the most reliable person in the field in times of unexpected circumstances. Likewise her intelligence and good perception, and open mindedness allows her to work fluidly in the new order set up by Roland. Though, her ambitious scheming is alarming she is one of the most talented officials in the City hall.

She also appears to be as capable in combat as any knight when wielding a sword.

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Roland Wimbledon Edit

Edith is loyal to Roland as she wants to see how far he can take humanity forward. She knows that he is the key that will allow her to see new ideas and creations beyond her wildest dreams.

Barov Mons Edit

Rival for power.

Trivia Edit

  • Edith seems to have a taste of cross-dressing her brother.

References[2] Edit

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