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Edith Kant is the only daughter and the eldest child and adviser of Calvin Kant, the Northern Duke. After pledging her loyalty and services to Roland Wimbledon, she has risen to become Chief of Staff of the Advisory Board, working closely with the leaders of the First Army and Graycastle Intelligence to plan the strategies, tactics and logistics required to win the War of Divine Will.


She has long, either green[1][2][3] or cyan[4][5] hair.


Edith is an intelligent, cunning and ambitious woman. At first, it seems that she went to Neverwinter to get herself a position in the City Hall after realising Roland's new system will eventually replace all feudal powers and no noble can resist Roland's rule and only by gaining a top position in the City Hall she would be able to keep up with the new systems. However, as the story progresses it's revealed that she simply desires an interesting life. The life in Northern region was too boring for her, considering everyone simply followed her orders without questioning, compared to that the competitive environment of Neverwinter's city hall which requires capabilities and talent was much more interesting. She's also very quick at analysing the vast potentials of all new modern inventions and weapons made by Roland, which none of the other officials are interested in.

At the end of the series, she planned to discuss integration of magic powers to further advance humanity with Agatha, which further proves her desire to live an interesting life and that she isn't afraid of unknown, quite contrary to Barov. However, this doesn't mean she isn't interested in more powers, as she was upset when Roland turned down her promotion.

She clearly said no when Olivia asked if Gerald's son could inherit the kingdom considering Roland was marrying a witch, then she told Olivia to stop dreaming of the throne, and further told her own father she would never let it happen, which shows that she would never let an incapable or unqualified person take the throne, even if they've got royal blood. However she seems to have accepted Tilly as the Queen after the time skip which shows that either she accepted Tilly as a capable ruler or they had limited the powers of the Queen and that the City Hall had more powers, quite similar to Constitutional Monarchy.


She is the eldest child and the only daughter of Calvin Kant, the Northern Duke.


She advised her father to kill his competition who were about to revolt (Game of Thrones style) and to present their heads to Roland in hopes of getting into his good graces. She set out to the capital as a messenger of her father.

After meeting with Roland and having two different meetings, she accepted Roland's reform, was told about Demons, the past and was even shown a captured Demon. She asked Roland to work in his City Hall afterwards in hopes of persuading her father to give up on his Duke status.

She currently works as a logistics liaison between the City Hall and the army.


Aside from her great beauty, her ability to adapt in situations makes her the most reliable person in the field in times of unexpected circumstances. Likewise her intelligence and good perception, and open mindedness allows her to work fluidly in the new order set up by Roland. Although her ambitious scheming is alarming, she is one of the most talented officials in the City Hall.

She also appears to be as capable in combat as any knight when wielding a sword.



Calvin Kant[]

Despite his position as a former lord, Edith is the one who wears the pants in their family.

Cole Kant[]

Edith treats her brother as a lackey, since he can barely think ahead of what could benefit them.

Lance Kant[]


Roland Wimbledon[]

Edith sought to appease Roland by bringing the heads of traitors in the north; unaware that he had no care for the barbaric act. Despite the idea literally going up in smoke (as per Roland's law to destroy ships that could carry disease), Edith managed to win him over with half-truths (which fooled Nightingale) about her earnest desire to join the new city hall and obey its laws.

Edith is loyal to Roland as she wants to see how far he can take humanity forward. The day before Roland's coronation, she tells him to take care of his health, because the world would be less interesting without him, much to Nightingale's infuriation.

She knows that he is the key that will allow her to see new ideas and creations beyond her wildest dreams.

Barov Mons[]

Rival for power.

Trivia []

  • Edith seems to have a taste of cross-dressing her brother Cole.[6][4]


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