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Echo (Drow Silvermoon) is a witch of the Witch Union and a former member of the Witch Cooperation Association, daughter of old Osha clan's chief and leader of restored Osha clan.


Echo is tall, has brown skin and blue-gray hair. Her eyes and nose had the typical Sand people's features, giving her a very exotic look.


Echo loved her family so much that she harbored feelings of revenge to the people that wronged her family but after realizing that her powers are useless in combat, she gave up on revenge and followed the Witch Cooperation Association.

While she still harbors attachment to her clan, Echo has let go of her former identity Drow Silvermoon, only seeing herself as Echo of the Witch Union.


Echo was originally a member of the Osha Clan. During a Sacred Duel four years before she set in Border Town, the Osha Clan lost to the insidious means used by the Ironwhip Clan. Her father and brother were killed and the Clan was exiled to the Endless Cape. Because of her outstanding appearance, Silvermoon was sold as a slave to a merchant from the Port of Clearwater, where she spent for half a year. Before Kabago could rescue her in the Port of Clearwater, she was sold to King's City, there she was taught to become an elite sex slave. She was rescued by the Witch Cooperation Association.


Echo was among the few who successfully returned to the Witch Cooperation Association's camp after the Association members' failed journey to Holy Mountain. When Scroll offered Leaf the leadership of the remnant members of Witch Cooperation Association, the latter refused and explained she would try luck in Border Town. If she doesn't return, Scroll should guide the rest to the south or across straits.[1]

Sometime after Leaf left for the Border Town castle, the rest of the group waiting for her to return near the castle was greeted by Nightingale and Lightning and brought to the castle where a feast was arranged for them. After that Echo showed her abilities and was given room on the second floor. At night the witches gathered in Wendy's room and discussed their past and future, also wondering the reason behind Roland's kindness. As the one who suffered the most from men's lust, she wondered what stood behind the prince's generosity. Next morning she signed a contract with him.[2]

Soon she started practicing the marching song ''Guerillas' Song''. The difficulty was in the simultaneous performance of flute, drum and string, but after several days she managed to unite them in one tune.[3]

She met Kabago, or Iron Axe as he was called there, again when she was brought to practice marching with soldiers: he broke the line and fell to knees in front of her. After telling their stories, she was promised revenge and returned to training.[4]

Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belongs to the summoning type.


Animal Call Imitation: She can imitate the call of any animal.[5]


Audiographic Memory: After she entered adulthood, she could skillfully imitate any sound in the world,[5] such as; voices, musical instruments, cannon volley.


Empathic Voice: Echo's magic allows her to influence people's moods, causing different emotions. Effect depends on a person's experience; people who directly experienced what was depicted in the song would be affected more.


Osha Clan[]


  • She is the eighth witch from Witch Union to evolve her ability in Border Town. Counting Agatha who joined already evolved, Echo is the ninth evolved member in the Union.



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