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Devouring Worms were one of the three types of shells left behind by the Underground Civilization.


Devouring Worms are giant worm-like creatures with a body large enough to carry people, or even buildings in their stomachs. Their mouths are filled with hundreds of razor-sharp teeth.


Apparently, Devouring Worms were the main tunnelling force of underground civilization, allowing them to build wide passages across the continent.

After the Second Battle of Divine Will, the Taquila Witches found one worm shell and transferred Fran soul into it, to put it to use.


The first Devouring Worm appeared during Agatha's rescue from hibernation. It was controlled by the Deep Sea Demon.

Another controlled Devouring Worm transported Demonic Beasts during the battle against the Taquila Witches into the underground hall, containing the human's relic.

The third Worm destroyed and swallowed the Black Pagoda on top of the mountain. Deep Sea Demon merged with Eye Demon and summoned demonic beasts to fight against the joint forces of Witch Union, the First Army, and Taquila Witches. It was blown up by Nightingale, but managed to escape into ocean.

After the battle Taquila witches found two Devouring Worms shells. Later on, Jasmine and Lyra of the Taquila Witches successfully transferred their souls into them. Now together with Fran they turn the Impassable Mountain Range into a defensive barrier by building underground supply passages, and participate in construction of various underground facilities.[1]

Power and Abilities[]

Devouring Worms are capable of digging deep into the earth while carrying a large number of things and people in their stomachs. Their size also gives them an enormous amount of strength.


  • Devouring Worm consumes as much food as a hundred people daily.[1]
  • The novel illustration of a Devouring Worm looks similar to a Graboid from the movie franchise Tremors.


Devouring Worm, Blackstone Pagoda & Eye Demon


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