A merchant Noble from the Kingdom of Dawn. The first contact of Ambassador Yorko in the country.

Appearance Edit

She was about 35 or 36, but still had beautiful skin that was smooth and full of elasticity. She did her light brown hair up, and a wisp of her hair was dyed purple. Yorko found it quite weird when he first saw her, but now he thought it quite nice when he got used to it.

Personnality Edit

Denise is an open-minded woman.

Background Edit

She's the real heir of the Payton Family.

She married her husband In order to inherit the family, so her relations are only in paper.

She let her husband indulge in with housemaids and is not allowed to seek pleasure outside without her permission. While herself has multiple affair.

The daughter would normally seek a partner, often a diminished noble, to live with her. Due to the huge difference in their status, it was usually the male partner that changed his name.[1]

She's an efficient merchant and is quite a well-known businesswoman.

Chronology Edit

Yorko met her in a border city of the Kingdom of Dawn, As an unattended noblewoman who went on a long journey, Denise was naturally open to all kinds of fun.[2] She even even introduced Yorko to exclusive clubs and brothels.

Denise collaborated with Yorko, the existing caravan would be used to establish a slave trading route, through which Yorko purchased the refugees required by Roland from the other slave traffickers, and transport them to Graycastle.[3]

She came to Neverwinter, for the King coronation ceremony [4], and watched "The Wolf Princess" with Yorko.[5]

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