Demonic hybrids are dangerous species appearing during Months of Demons along with demonic beasts.

Appearance Edit

Unlike demonic beasts who looks similar with their former shape, hybrids' bodies undergo complete change making them crossbreed of various animals.

It was much later revealed that some hybrids are almost indistinguishable from their original forms as beasts.[1]

Background Edit

Hybrids rarely appear during the Months, they lead demonic beasts and coordinate their attacks. Usually those attacks are most intensive.

Chronology Edit

During Roland's first Months of Demons the wall was attacked by tortoise hybrid once and by flying hybrids twice.

Abilities Edit

Some demonic hybrids may gain primitive intelligence while others possess extremely durable bodies.

Known hybrids Edit

  • Flying hybrid: In addition to four limbs, it has a pair of wings allowing it to fly on short distances.[2]
  • Tortoise-like hybrid:
The hybrid looks like giant tortoise with two wolf heads, it has six short and thick feet in the shape of rhino's legs. It was 6 meters long and about 4 meters high. The shell protected the hybrid from head to tail, its surface had a dim grayish brown color and was covered with moss.
Though the hybrid's speed is low, its shell couldn't be penetrated by arrows and flintlocks. It can hide head and legs under it, protecting itself from arrows and bullets, thus turning into a living tank. It can vibrate with high frequency, destroying stone walls.[3]
  • Fearful Beast of Hell:
An enormous monster who has four stout fangs, four legs and two arms. Its body is covered with pitch-black fur, and every one of its legs was as thick as the torso of a wolf-figure hybrid. From a distance, the monster resembles a fortress that could move. When two of them appeared on the Hermes Plateau, every step they took left a deep imprint on the permanently-frozen plains. Any accompanying demonic beast which did not evade its legs in time were plunged into the ground and were turned into a pool of blood and flesh.[4]
The appearance of this monster signifies that the Bloody Moon will be arriving in 5 years, starting another Battle of Divine Will.[4][5] However it should be noted that the third Battle of Divine Will didn't take that long to start after the first appearances of Fearful Beasts of Hell since the second Battle of Divine Will.


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