Demonic beasts are wild animals transformed into ferocious beings by Sky-sea Realm during the Months of Demons. They assault villages until the Months are over and retreat with first rays of sun. They attack humans and demons alike, had been forcing both sides to reduce fighting during second Battle of Divine Will.

Appearance Edit

Demonic beasts resemble animals they originate from. They have black blood and mutated bodies

Background Edit

Every year demonic beasts terrorize population of defenceless villages, urging people to hide beyond city's walls, waiting for end of the Months. When it happens, knights move out to kill remaining beasts. After returning home villagers sometimes have to repair broken houses and belongings if beast turned it into den.

Origin Edit

According to the demons, the demonic beasts are a branch of the Sky-sea Realm monsters, similar to that of the Inferior Demons of the demon race. At every Months of Demons when magic power becomes abundant, the 'Nest', a type of Sky-sea Realm creature, unleash a large amount of spores that scatter through the ocean and wind, infecting ordinary wild beasts and transforming them into various grotesque monsters that underwent mutation and bloodfests.

The Sky-sea Realm treats them as 'harvest fields' to collect desirable traits and never saw the demonic beasts as their main fighting force.[1]

Abilities Edit

Transformation strengthen animal's capabilities making demonic beasts faster, stronger or more durable. Without elite forces, such as knights, or walls' protection it is hard for regular people to deal with them. Their intelligence rarely changes what make traps effective countermeasure against demonic beasts[2].

From the demons' perspective, the demonic beasts are weak in terms of combat ability and are of no threat to the race.[1]

Invasion on Hermes Edit

Every year a horde of demonic beasts invades Old and, more recently, New Holy Cities. To withstand it the Church concluded an Agreement on Months of Demons with the Four Kingdoms, which obliges the latter to send forces in the fight against beasts[3].

Known species Edit

  • Demonic bear: reaches 6 meters while standing on hind legs.
  • Demonic bison
  • Demonic boar: back fur become tough and impenetrable for crossbows at 50 meters.
  • Demonic wolf: increased speed.

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References Edit

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