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Heavy spoilers, read with caution.

The Demon Civilization is one of the participant civilizations in the Battle of Divine Will. They are composed of demonic beasts. Their homeland continent of origin is called the Blackstone Region, and it is to the northeast of the Land of Dawn.[1] They also occupied the Land of Dawn, the former territory of the Human Civilization.

One of the 4 picture scrolls in the Divine Land is connected to their part of the Divine Will. Silent Disaster could be seen in it from time to time as it was responsible for guarding the demons' legacy shard for nearly 200 years, before leaving that position.


The demons have their own civilization, with a King as its highest authority. Apparenty, the King was not always a king, since previously Valkries had also been a candidate to be King. It also seems that to become it the Senior Lord had to pay a price that depended on the individual's choice.[2] A King seem to be the one that provides some missing factors to the Mother of Soul in order for demons to be incubated.[3] The King looks like a huge tower full of eyes and watches over the entire race with his cold logic and pragmatism. He eventually merged with a magic core and transformed one of the demons' cities into a new Deity of Gods.[4]

Under his command, there were 9 Lords (Transcendent Witches' analogue),[5] which have generally evolved thrice. Some of them ended up losing their lives during the Third Battle of Divine Will.

Known Lords:[]

In a similar position to the King and the Demon Lords, the parent bodies (Mother of Soul) are beings with body and magic power as strong as them, responsible for managing the production of Red Mist through its respective Birth Tower and the Towers' growth over time. It apparently lives below each Red Mist Lake around a Birth Tower and to the Witches it appeared to be either a variant demon or a Chaos Beast birthed from a Magic stone.[6]

Below them, there are all types of demons, generally being ranked according to how many times they evolved (how many Magic Stones they absorbed) and how powerful they are. In the bottom of the class system are the demons who haven't upgraded like the Inferior Demons, who work as laborers and slaves,[7] and the Primal Demons. Junior Demons seem to be ones who evolved once.[8]

Evolution of Individuals[]

The demons increase their power by absorbing Magic Stones.

A Mad Demon can acquire a new ability and evolve by taking in a Magic Stone, we can speculate that a Senior Demon is likely also created this way. It wasn't born a Senior Demon. To become such a powerful creature, it has to strengthen its power by absorbing a certain amount of Magic Stones. This explains why Senior Demons are able to have so many kinds of abilities.[9]

Their evolution is later shown in Roland's Dream World as an event in which demons who think they can evolve go to a part of the city where the Chaos Beasts are and are helped by a higher evolved demon. There, each one gets a Magic Stone, apparently chosen by them, directly from a Chaos Beast and inserts the stone into its chest after ripping open its own chest. During it, a blinding light radiates from their bodies for a few minutes until they evolved or died. Also, during the process, extreme pain is common to occur which although leads to it becoming stronger, it also has a chance of it losing its ability to think rationally.[10]

After absorbing the Underground Civilization's legacy shard, the demons started using their symbiosis technology instead, which increased the number of Junior Demons tenfold since the new upgrade method increased the probability of an upgrade. For the time being, however, the evolution by this method seemed incapable of evolving higher demons, such as senior lords. Nevertheless, Mask was confident that given enough research the demons could evolve to higher ascendants through this method as well.[8]


The Demons have been fighting against Witches and Human Civilization since the First Battle of Divine Will.

The Underground Civilization were burrowing tunnels all over the mountains, and encountered a fissure in the stratum which penetrated directly from the Blackstone region to the Sky-sea Realm. They inadvertently broke through the barrier that separated their den from the Sky-sea Realm . The latter took advantage of this and invaded the Blackstone region, slaughtering numerous and making them suffer one defeat after another.

To the Demon race, it was also the perfect time to verify the legacy rumor. So the King, who at the time had not upgraded yet, led a party and did a pincer attack from behind. This war lasted almost ten years, the number of Primal Demons demons that perished in this war was more than in the first Battle of Divine Will under the hands of humans. The outcome in the end was that both the King and the Sky-sea Realm received a part of the legacy shard. The King placed the shard he acquired together with the legacy shard of the Demon race, and the two combined into one—in that moment, they took over everything they once had: language, wisdom, magical skill, life and became far stronger than they were during the First Battle of Divine Will.[11]

During the Second Battle of Divine Will, they won the war against Mankind represented by the Witch Federation, and conquered the entire Fertile Plains, but could only be in a defensive position against Sky-Sea Realm.

During the third Battle of Divine Will, they had to fight against the First Army of Graycastle, the Witch Union, and Taquila Witches. At the beginning, the humans who lost most of their knowledge of the demons didn't offer much resistance, but they soon adapted to their way to fight and with their new technologies, the Demons were taken by surprise, and soon lost more and more battle. Later, the Holy city of Taquila, conquered during the Second Battle of Divine Will, was taken back by humans.[12]

With the loss of Ursrook. the King appointed Hackzord as the commander of the Western Front, who used the same way to deal with mortal they used in the previous Battle of Divine Will. However, he soon had to change his biased view of humans, since they made him sufffer major losses and lured him in a trap which almost costed him his life.[13]

With Valkries trapped in the Dream World, she had to warn the king of humans' techological leap. After some time, and even more defeats in the Western Front, Hackzord convened another meeting in which, after sharing his memories, he convinced the demons to send their greatest weapon, the Deity of Gods, to crush the humans once and for all.[14] After gaining the human's territory, the demons would gain time to reorganize and eventually build even more Deity of Gods to bring a massive army of Mad Demons to attack the Sky-sea Realm.[15]

However, with deployment of nuclear weapons by the humans, the Deity of Gods was destroyed and the demons got defeated. However, their civilisation was not wiped out as some of their senior leaders such as Valkries and Hackzord cooperated with humans (Roland). They saw in Roland the ultimate hope to confront the Custodian and end the cycle of the battles of divine will, so that both species can co-exist peacefully. This hope was achieved when Roland becomes the new Custodian.

Reproduction and Development[]

The Demons heavily rely on what they call Birth Tower since it can: produce Red Mist when connected to God's Stone of Retaliation's mines, allow communication between other towers and between them and the King[4], and even produce magic power which can be extracted.[16] Due to this, all of their cities are constructed around a Birth Tower, and the older it is the bigger the tower grows.[17]

It is later revelead that all demons were created through the interaction between the Mother of Soul and some God's Stone of Retaliation through the usage of magic power. It first created microscopic demons, which wields magic power able to dispel and devour external magic power, eventually forming the gaseous atmosphere known as Red Mist.[18] Eventually, more and more complex demons started to form until almost all demons in existence formed. In order to incubate these complex demons, however, the King needs to provide something to the Mother of Soul.[3] This process was eventually improved by Mask, through the usage of the symbiotic technology from the Underground Civilization.[8] Due to this, demons don't mate between themselves and don't have genders.[3] Also, demons appear to mature much faster than humans, with Inferior Demons maturing in 2 years, while humans take more than 10 years.[19] Their population numbers over a hundred million, with tens of millions being on a different hierarchy than Inferior Demons.[4] Their longevity is also very high as expressed through demon lords being alive for over 800 years and none of the deaths were shown being due to old age.

Most Demons don't need food and rest as they can sustain themselves by consuming the Red Mist.[20] However, Inferior Demons and Primal Demons can eat normal food with their mouth as Valkries pointed out[21] and apparently don't require the Red Mist.[22] It also seems that eating food can be done by the other types of demons, but since it is cumbersome and associated with low lives they avoid doing it, only relying on the Red Mist.[21]

The Demons look like an eusocial species, though with no true hive mind, with the King (converted from a Senior Lord which evolves from the soldier caste) and the Mother of Soul ("queen") as their fertile caste, Inferior Demons as worker caste, and magic-capable soldier caste (Primal Demons), which further differentiates into Mad Demons, Fearsome Demons, Lords of Hell, and Eye Demons, all of whom can further evolve into a Senior Lord capable to be the King.

Known Species[]


  • Back in the Union, Demons were also called Blood Beasts, The Deformity and Polluters.[23]
  • "Charita" meant "hero" in the ancient language of Demons.[24]
  • The demons were unaware the humans no longer knew about their Legacy shard or the real purpose of the Battle of Divine Will. They were simply protecting themselves from what seemed like a mindless war.
  • The Demon King has his own domain in the Realm of Mind, in which he has total control over, and in which the Demon Lords meet when urgent instructions and information need to be delivered. It is called 'Presiding Holy See'.[25]
  • It is worth mentioning that in chinese, all demons are referred with the equivalent of the 'it' pronoun, since they are genderless. Therefore, in certain translations some demons might be referred by with 'she' initially, but later by 'he', or vice-versa, when the gender was eventually ascertained.


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