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Deity of Gods (called 'the floating island' by humans) is a piece of land able to float in the air, powered by magic and constructed by the Demons, based on the inheritance left behind by the perished Underground Civilization.


As a Deity of Gods could allow the demons, who heavily depend on Red Mist to live, to move freely without them having to worry about their Red Mist supply due to its ability to produce and carry Red Mist, the demons considered it to be a key part of their plan to defeat the Sky-sea Realm. However, they had to deploy it in the Western Front first to reverse their losses against humanity and ultimately defeat them. It was designed by Mask and operated by the same parent body that operates the Birth Tower within the island, though it no longer mantained its own consciousness and simply existed as a 'controllable hub'.


The Deity of Gods is part of the legacy handed down to both the demons and Sky-sea Realm after their assimilation of the Underground Civilization.[1]

According to what Valkries told Roland, the Deity of Gods is essentially made by merging a magic core into a Red Mist producing obelisk.

To stabilize the core parameters, the demons went through multiple trials, one of them occurring about a century ago in Tapunise City which ended with the almost total destruction of the city. The violent magic power ripped the stratum and caused structures to collapse and shatter while being razed. Countless inferior demons were flung into the air and turned into mashed meat after falling to the ground.

To seal off information leak, the King ultimately termed it as a magic power accident. Although the damage was disastrous, the plan did not stop, and instead increased in pace. One of the reason was the approaching Battle of Divine Will, the other being the demons' urgent need to cast off the restrictions of the Red Mist. The disaster allowed the higher-ups to realize the possibility of the plan. The Deity of Gods was their final result.[2]

The realization of the Deity of Gods took nearly a hundred years and expended countless materials.[3]

Strategic Value[]

With its ability to float and move in the sky, the demons viewed the Deity of Gods as the only way to counter the Sky-sea Realm. Upon taking over the humans' territory, the demons would gain time to rest and reorganize, and to build even more Deity of Gods to ascend the skies, bringing a massive army of Mad Demons to attack the Sky-sea Realm.[2] The demons considered it their ultimate weapon.[4]

When humans created their own Deity of Gods 'Eleanor Skycruiser', it was seen as a flying fortress, with capability of patrolling, defence as well as offence. It also served as a permanent airbase (flying aircraft carrier).

Functionality and Structure[]

Magic power penetrated over a few thousand kilometers into the ground and raised the land spanning dozens of kilometers, forming a stable foundation. When viewed from above, it would be that of a floating island. But from below, the view would be a wide top and narrow bottom, like an inverted mountain peak. After multiple revisions to the magic power of the core, the Deity of Gods had the abilities to float and move in the sky.[2]

The Deity of Gods is more or less circular in shape with a diameter of 50 to 60 kilometers, comparable to the Impassable Mountain Range. The upper portion and the spine are able to unleash gigantic stone spears, capable of firing at least 15 kilometers.[5] In order to transport supplies and troops from the island to the ground it has suspended platforms capable of ascending and descending, even when the island is over a hundred meters away from the ground.[6]

The Core of the Deity of Gods[]

The core of the Deity of Gods was the obelisk. According to Valkries' explanation, it was situated in the middle of the city. For the convenience of accumulating the Red Mist, the Inferior demons surrounded the obelisk and constantly dug deep pits—which was also their main jobs as magic-incapable demons. Being more dense than air, the Red Mist gradually fell to the bottom and formed the Red Mist Pond which gradually expanded into a lake over the years.[2] The towers close to the walls of the pit would eventually fall into the lake and become part of the large pit.[7]

It was rumored that the obelisk wasn't that large in the beginning, but would grow continuously like a living animal while the accumulated Red Mist would expand. From these two points, one could roughly gauge the age of a demon city. From the size of the Red Mist lake and the obelisk in its center, it can be inferred that the city in the center of the Deity of Gods is ancient.[7]

Magic Power Barrier[]

As discovered by the Aerial Knights, the Red Mist lake in the center of the Deity of Gods is protected by a magic power barrier, similar to the ones used by Senior Demons, except it has a much wider scope.[7][8] As the magic stones used by Senior Demons are incapable of covering the entire region, Valkries concluded that it must be the result of Nassaupelle's research accomplishing this feat.[8]

Valkries explained to Roland that the idea behind this achievement was using a core apparatus to simulate the cyclone structure of the magic stone and amplify its result substantially. Although the idea has been there for quite some time, it hasn't been possible to turn into reality until now due to many restrictions on it. Valkries also expressed how it came as a surprise to itself that Nassaupelle succeeded in it.[8]


Although the demons' initial plan was to use the Deity of Gods against the Sky-sea Realm after its completion, either on the Eastern Front in a defensive way or to directly attack the Sky-sea Realm,[3] the developments in the Western Front caused them to eventually deploy it there.

Before deployment[]

It was shortly after the death of Ursrook, the then commander of the advanced troops of the Western Front,[9] that Hackzord, who was the Senior Lord responsible for the Western Front, mentioned the possibility of deploying the Deity of Gods at the Western Front for the first time during a Holy See meeting to its fellow Senior Lords and the Demon King.

However, it was quickly rejected by both Blood Conqueror, the commander at the Sky-sea Realm front, and the Demon King. In fact, even Hackzord itself thought, at the time, that the suggestions Ursrook sent to it before dying regarding the Western Front were a little too audacious and that it was mentioning them at the Holy See meeting only because it considered it as its duty to the king.[4]

Change of plans[]

Nevertheless, Hackzord would have to suggest using the Deity of Gods on the Western Front once more at a Holy See meeting, this time believing they must do whatever they can to crush the humans once and for all before it was too late. Its change of heart was due to it experiencing how fast the humans were improving in this third Battle of Divine Will and that if they didn't defeat the humanity soon, in its own words it would result with the complete extinction of their race under the attack from both humanity and the Sky-sea Realm.[3]

After much effort, Hackzord managed to convince the King and the majority of the Senior Lords, and the King ordered the Deity of Gods to be sent to the Western Front once it was completed. The aim was to seize the humanity's legacy shard with the help of the Deity of Gods before focusing on the Eastern Front and the Sky-sea Realm, as absorbing humanity's legacy shard into theirs would make their race much stronger.[10]

First contact with humans[]

Interestingly, the Deity of Gods' first contact with humans wasn't on a battlefield, instead it involved a bunch of nobles from the Kingdom of Everwinter who had pledged allegiance to the demons through Hackzord. Hackzord was the one who brought them to see the Deity of Gods before it was deployed in the Western Front as a way to restore their waning confidence in the demons' fighting strength against the Kingdom of Graycastle and to order them to initiate an evacuation of their people to the Deity of Gods to use them as manpower while at the same time preventing Graycastle from employing them.[11]

Hackzord's maneuver was mostly successful, as the present nobles were amazed at the sight of the Deity of Gods, regaining their confidence in the demons[12] and later evacuating their people from Everwinter to be relocated on the Deity of Gods as ordered by Hackzord. The forcefully carried out large scale evacuation also attracted the attention of Graycastle's Intelligence Agency and the General Staff, although they were unable to pinpoint the reason until they first discovered the Deity of Gods.[13]

Western Front[]

After its discovery by Tilly, Maggie and Lightning[13], it bypassed Everwinter and went straight to the direction of the Kingdom of Wolfheart, going over the Impassable Mountain Range.[14] However, while passing over the mountain, the largest aerial battle to date in the Battle of Divine Will began between 103 Flying Demon Beasts and 75 'Fire of Heavens'.[15] While it happened, Mask's stele weapon fired against Graycastle's ground units, which eventually led to the annihilation of over 800 soldiers on the ground, due to Silent Disaster's help. The troops initially fired against the island, generating some panic amongst the demons, but with the Spider Demons launched by Mask they soon got killed.[16] After the clash, it moved to the Hermes Plateau at full speed since the Kingdom of Wolfheart was never its goal.[6] Some time later, Mask revealed that it was already in the Kingdom of Dawn and that it had destroyed some cities after the attack from its stele weapon.[17] Later, while moving through the Kingdom of Dawn, it was attacked by ten bombs, each with 150kg of weight, but didn't cause much damage due to a city-wide magical barrier, only tremors being their noticeable effect.[18]

Change in the Sky-Sea Realm Front[]

Due to the Sky-Sea Realm's sudden evolution, as being noted as becoming completely different from before, the demons were forced to retreat from the Blackstone region and into the Land of Dawn. With it the King merged with a magic core and transformed one of the Blackstone Cities into a new Deity of Gods.[19] Also as a result of the changing situation, the King ordered Mask to employ 'Plan B' which is to sacrifice the first Deity of Gods by slamming it into the Four Kingdoms from a very high altitude, creating destruction similar to the dinosaur extinction that happened in the real world.[20]

Except that, Would it really be an dinosaur-extinction level impact? Nope.

It's a 5 km radius floating island, so it's mass should be much lesser than 3 trillion tons (mass of an average mountain). According to Mask, the maximum height was 5000 meters. So, dropping a 3 trillion ton Mountain from 5 km height will roughly attain a maximum velocity of 1,100 km/hr comoared to speed of average asteriod which is 110,000 km/hr. so, Dropping that mountain will yield an energy of 300 Mega Tons of Tnt or it'll cause a magnitute 9.2 earthquake... Considering Mask, left the control of island near the mountains near hermes. Even if Mask succeded, he'd have caused damage within 1400 km radius, but Neverwinter is 3000-4000 km from Hermes (according to ch 914), so, at worst Neverwinter citizens would have felt an averge earthquake.

Infighting and Destruction[]

Following Hackzord's return, he and Silent Disaster eventually understood Valkries' situation and Silent Disaster moved against Mask to stop him from accomplishing Plan B, in order to prevent Valkries from dying, since saving the humans would keep the world Valkries was in from dying. Although they managed to defeat him, the Deity of Gods suddenly started rising. After Hackzord discovered a 'bug' inside Silent Disaster, planted by Mask, they realized Mask was aware of their actions and prepared beforehand so that Plan B would be activated if something happened to him. When they failed to interfere with the rise of the Deity of Gods, they decided to warn the humans so that at least Valkries could be saved.[21]

The two went to the previously used rendezvous point to meet with Roland. During their meeting in the Dream World, Roland was informed of the situation, but he refused to run away by himself or try to migrate the entire population, as neither would work. Instead, he proposed to try 'capturing' the Deity of Gods with the help of Taquila witches. After everyone agreed, a plan was established[22] and eventually it was executed by landing the giant island in the Ocean near Graycastle near Seawindshire (Eastern Region), creating a new island for humans. Since, establishing a Red Mist supply line was not something Roland would agree to do, the tens of thousands of demons were left inside it for hard labor and continued construction and the Mad Demons entered dormant states waiting for future migration. The obelisk inside it was in an irreversible state of decay due to the use of the God's Stone of Retaliation vein to propell the island upwards. Afterwards, Hackzord and Serakkas went back to Sky City to control the remaining forces and later agreed to fight against Mask in the King's Deity of Gods city. [23] The core of this 'captured' Deity of Gods was taken away by Roland to create humanity's own Deity of Gods.

The second Deity of Gods is later sighted by Lightning and Maggie and looks very different from the first one, since it has structured exterior with symmetrical form, looking completely unnatural. It was formed completely of Blackstone and had a gigantic pyramid structure. It brought inside it more demons than the entire human population combined. [24] In order to fight it, the human's Deity of Gods is sent along with its Aerial Knights.[25] Upon its sighting the demons sent several waves of Mad Demons and Senior Demons mounted in Bogle Beasts (devilbeasts) until eventually deciding to change course to move straight to it.[26] However, before being able to arrive near the human's Deity of Gods the King's City was attacked by two atomic bombs, the first blowing a giant hole in it and the second being able to destroy it along with all the demons within like Mask and the King. [27] Its destruction essentially marks the end to the war between humans and demons.


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