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DeepValley Town is the Former territory of Earl Haier from the Northern Region of the Kingdom of Graycastle.


Due to a lack of sunshine, the temperature in this town is slightly lower than that in other places. The colors of plants, naturally, are in much deeper shades. [1]


The arch-typed mountain rocks, which extended out from both sides, wrapped around the entire town like two huge arms. The rays of sunlight slanted along the finger-wide crevice, forming a wall of golden shimmers. Numberless vines, which looked like green hair, grew out of the bottom of the rocks. Some bulky ones even reached the ground, tempting people to climb up.

When the sun rays sifted through dense twigs and branches and splintered up into glints of the muttering brook, Roland felt like he was in a untraversed forest. However, the area was not completely uncultivated. Along Soundless River stood different types of buildings constructed by men. Townsmen passed through waist-high bushes back and forth. Streaks of smokes could be detected from the distance. Everything around this area was in perfect harmony with nature.

Edith had the study Castle of Jadeforest refurbished, making it look like the one in the Border Area. knocked down a wall with a sunny exposure and replaced it with a French window.[2]


Roland stayed in DeepValley Town to prepare War against the Church.


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