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Danny is the best sniper of First Army and veteran of Border Town's Militia.


As a hunter, Danny is patient. He prefers seeking prey to commanding others. This feeling increased since he laid hands on flintlock, he admired its power and convenience.

Danny is proud of his aiming skills and look down on machine gun squads for waste of ammo, though admitting their usefulness in suppressing enemy forces.

After the Coldwind Ridge fight, he blamed himself for Malt's death, until the latter eventually started to follow Danny around, as an inner voice, talk to him and give advice.


Danny was a hunter in Border Town. He joined Militia's ranks and protected Border Town from demonic beasts. By the war with Church he went through all main battles within the First Army ranks and was an experienced veteran. If he didn't insist to stay at the frontline, he could become commander of unit within Gun Battalion[1].


He fought in the Bottomless Land against the Deep Sea Demons, sniping quite a few invisible blade beasts, and after being saved by Kabala and her squad, he joined them on the battle.[2]

Power and Abilities[]


  • 8mm Bolt-action Rifle


  • He has a crush on Leaf for saving him.
  • So far, Danny only made a brief appearance in the manhua with almost no dialogue.[3]


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