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Baron Cornelius is a former noble of Border Town.


He is a chubby man.


Cornelius is a coward, greedy noble. His house in Border Town was worth 20 - 30 gold royals, but he asked Roland to compensate with 150 gold royals.


Before Months of Demons Cornelius fled to Longsong Stronghold and hastily returned by ship after it ended to buy high-end fur first and sell his house, only to find it was demolished.

He went to Roland for explanations and compensation but had to step back; Roland explained that mansion hindered the Militia to defend the city wall and thus it was destroyed. As for compensation, the owner was Brian who already was paid off. Roland offered to the indignant noble to either admit the mansion didn't belong to him and he misunderstood there or confess in leaving the town without his lord and thus be sentenced to hanging. After Cornelius chose the former option, Roland asked him to tell the other nobles if they won't admit they had abandoned their lord they shouldn't return to the town.

However, the truth is that Roland planned to provoke both Duke Ryan and the 5 noble families into attacking Border Town through Cornelius. The main reason for doing so is because Roland wanted to loot the stronghold to gain more manpower, workforce and gold royals for expanding his town.

On his way back to the ship, while cursing Roland silently, he passed by Leaf and was moved by her beauty.[1].


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